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Political fliers upset readers

Like me, your mailbox has probably been jammed with election-related material telling us why we should vote for (or against) this candidate or that proposition. Included in that pile of papers, I’ve received two “voter guides.” Interestingly, one appears to be for Republicans and one for Democrats.

Both “guides” list their respective major party candidates (the Democratic one has Dianne Feinstein’s picture on the cover) as well as nonpartisan candidates and propositions, and tell me to take them with me to the polls when I vote. In small print, however, they reveal that they were not prepared by any official party organization and that all the candidates and Yes/No recommendations for propositions with a “*” beside them paid to be included in the mailing.

Furthermore, the fine print says, “Appearance in the mailing does not necessarily imply endorsement of other candidates or ballot measures in this mailer.” This is intentional deception: giving the appearance of a bona fide party mailer using the faces and names of party candidates (who did not pay to be included) to promote bought endorsements.

I’ve learned something … do my own homework, read the fine print and don’t rely on any advertiser’s cheat sheet!

Robin Phillips

Nevada City


Ray Shine, candidate for Superior Court Judge, sent a mailer to Nevada County registered Democrats in which he states he is “Endorsed by Democrats.” The Nevada County Democratic Party feels this wording was intended to mislead voters into believing that Ray Shine is endorsed by the Democratic Party. Ray Shine is not endorsed by all of the democrats listed on the mail piece.

A different version of the endorsement mailer was sent to registered Republicans. It states:

“Dear Voters,

Nov. 7 is Election Day. Only one-third of the registered Republicans voted in last June’s primary. Our local Democrats did much better. If this happens again in November, the results will be devastating.”

On this Republican mailer, Ray Shine lists the endorsements of the Nevada County Republican Central Committee and the Nevada County Republican Women Federated, Assembly member Rick Keene and Senator Sam Aanestad.

In the “California Voter Guide” and “The Early Voter” slate mailers (paid advertising that mimics an endorsement piece) Ray Shine also suggested he is “Law Enforcement’s Choice,” although we are unable to locate any police agency within the State of California that has endorsed his campaign for judge.

The Nevada County Democratic Central Committee feels that Ray Shine is intentionally trying to mislead voters in the upcoming election, and that he is trying to polarize what is intended to be a nonpartisan judicial election. We feel this provides an enlightening glimpse into the type of judge he would be.

Margaret Joehnck

Chairperson, Nevada County Democratic Central Committee

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