Planning Commission’s acts backed by voters |

Planning Commission’s acts backed by voters

Every so often, the Nevada County Planning Commission acts in ways that leave residents of the rest of the county scratching their heads in wonderment.

Perhaps the commission will, as it did not long ago, decide that a proposed house is too large. Or perhaps it will decide, as it did not long ago, that a proposed home shouldn’t be allowed because it has an attached garage. (As a member of the commission notes on this page, the fact that the proposed garage was large enough for four automobiles hasn’t gotten the attention it might have.)

Some outsiders – and not a few residents of Nevada City as well – think the Planning Commission sometimes acts in arbitrary and inconsistent ways. Many would argue that arbitrary and capricious government is government at its worst.

What’s missing from those complaints, however, is a realization that however arbitrary and capricious the Nevada City Planning Commission chooses to be, the majority of the voters of the city enthusiastically endorse that kind of government.

It’s been a mere two months, remember, since a municipal election gave the residents of Nevada City a choice about the way they want to govern themselves.

If the voters wanted something other than the current philosophy on the Planning Commission, they had plenty of opportunities to run for office, finance campaigns or vote for City Council candidates who wanted a different direction. (City Council members appoint the Planning Commission.)

While the elections in March were closely contested, the proponents of the current philosophy were victorious. No one can argue that the Planning Commission’s current actions are out of touch with today’s voters.

The people have voted, and the Planning Commission is giving them what they want.

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