Planning Commission totally out of control |

Planning Commission totally out of control

Just what in the world does the Nevada City Planning Commission think it’s doing, trying to tell the Sheatsleys how much they can sell their private property for? Since when is it the responsibility of private citizens to subsidize those who can’t afford to live in Nevada City?

Talk about unconstitutional; which workers’ paradise are you comrades from, anyway? How much more of their incredible arrogance is this city willing to tolerate? Remember, these buffoons are simply serving their city council masters who appointed them; the council is really the root of the problem. This whole low-income housing fiasco is just another example of mindless liberal behavior.

The actions of the county, city, and planning commission all serve to limit the supply of housing in the face of increasing demand, thus driving prices up. These same fools turn around and whine about high housing prices, but instead of doing something meaningful, they indulge themselves in a totally illogical, illegal, pointless gesture to supply a grand total of two dinky old cottages at 25 percent below-market rates in order to meet the city planning commission’s affordable housing rules. Exactly which “rules” are you referring to, Ms. Todorov? And, please, which commissioner came up with this lame-brained scheme in the first place? (Maybe next time The Union can provide more background to inquiring minds.) This is all understandable if you keep in mind that meaningless, symbolic gestures like this are a fundamental part of the liberal mentality and allow them to say with a clear conscience, “well, at least we did something.” Hey commissioners – this is still a free-market economy and your socialist/utopian attempt to regulate the prices of private property has no place in it. If you’re serious about doing something constructive about low income housing, first learn the principle of supply and demand, which dictates that you can’t strictly limit growth and hold down housing prices at the same time. This is the real world, and if you can’t deal with it, go apply for a government grant or sue somebody.

Dana Reed

Nevada City

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