Perks for just doing their jobs |

Perks for just doing their jobs

Being relatively new to the area (July 7, 2001), I have been watching some of the local politics and goings on. Looks to me like you people need some new leaders. Sending $30,000 for a county three-day vacation for public officials seems a bit excessive to me. That in itself appears to be way out of line for a function which should be a rather normal part of these officials’ job. If these people cannot find a place to get together that holds 30 people to discuss functions of their “job” that doesn’t cost $30,000 somewhere in this county, well, simply put, I just don’t believe it. What about all those city halls, and other government buildings? Is someone going to tell me you can’t fit 30 people into one of those public buildings for a meeting? I don’t think so. OK, so there isn’t any lunch and dinner. So what? Take a break, and go out to lunch and dinner. They are going to take breaks for them anyway and would routinely eat anyway, no matter where they were on any given day, and I don’t think the taxpayers pay for their daily lunches or dinners, either. So why is this different? Now, spending these public funds on a vacation out of the county on a public function for the county is simply ridiculous; there is no valid excuse. But that’s how “good ‘ol boy” politics run, I guess. I’ve seen it before.

The solution to things like this? Easy. Fire ’em. Either vote the people out of office who are elected that do things like this, or if they are appointed officials, vote the people out of office who appointed them. Simple, isn’t it? You people vote, right? If you aren’t willing to get rid of these offenders, then I suggest you just sit back and shut up, and let them do what they do. After all, you put them there, and you keep them there if you are unwilling to remove them.

Harry W. Johnson III

Nevada City

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