Perhaps a return to virtue needed to save the county |

Perhaps a return to virtue needed to save the county

So, how should I view the politics of Nevada County? Although everyone has the potential for compassion, everyone also has the potential to be the enemy. How should I react to them? It is important for me to keep an open mind. When my mind stays open, I can begin to discover deeper layers of the meaning of things I couldn’t see before.

Perhaps a return to virtue is exactly what is required to save this county. A return, that is, to a radical understanding of a community as a way of being, rather than as a means only of getting.

Where is the fabric in which spirit and community are woven together? We have become torn into separate entities, and the mystery that it takes to have a community live together has nearly disappeared.

I thought this was a campaign, not a war. We’ve had wars before, which many people were led to believe were so right; a war for which many of us might have gladly laid down our own life, but instead it was revealed, overnight, as a war of aggression and even hatred.

Most aggression and controversy comes from a sectarian view that puts one candidate above another. It’s not about above or below. It’s about recognizing and acknowledging our difference of thoughts and experiences: otherwise we become.

You vs. me

us vs. them

ours vs. yours

and stay separated.

So, rather than having any of these candidates “be my voice,” and rather than “adopt their set of beliefs,” I’ve decided to take on the challenge of finding out what is true for me and acting accordingly with respect and compassion for my well-being and the well-being of others.

Jean E. Poulsen

Penn Valley

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