People more complicated than rhetoric lets on |

People more complicated than rhetoric lets on

Love the letters you get, almost as good as the comics page. Most recent chuckle is a writer blaming liberals for the county and world’s evils: “Sewer rates rising … because liberals … think people and their needs are intrusive,” “accept the massacre of millions by promoting a lifestyle,” “want people to die in auto accidents because they don’t like big vehicles,” etc.

Rhetoric is so much more fun than reason. Let me try: Conservatives want to: pave over Nevada County and cover it with Wal-Marts; level the hills and dam the valleys and cut all the trees; poison the air, food and water.

Conservatives want everybody to: pray to (the Christian) God daily; have wives subservient and home, out of the workplace; kill all gays and minorities; have everybody wear suits; work for low wages unless they can lie, cheat and steal their way to the top using their powerful buddies … boy, this is fun … oh, ban alcohol and drugs (unless prescribed).

Conservatives want everybody to have guns and use them regularly, at least on liberals; want to nuke anybody in the world who isn’t like us; believe the world and all its resources are meant to be used up by us as soon as possible and throw waste into the nearest river or ravine; believe it is a God-given right to build the biggest possible house you can afford (and preferably several of them), etc., etc.

To paraphrase the writer: “Conservatives are a dangerous group …” (sorta like the Taliban, eh?) “and should not be allowed to reign in Nevada County.”

Doesn’t the writer think people are a little more complicated?

Terry Lamphier

Nevada City

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