Pat Patterson: President achieved much in four years |

Pat Patterson: President achieved much in four years

As a long-time “Trump Deplorable,” I just want to remind readers of some of President Trump’s accomplishments, the fulfilled promises, and the legacy he leaves as it seems he will be ending his presidency in January.

Thank you, Mr. President, for what you did for the men and women across this country and for American industry, and also for the families that don’t want handouts, but just want a government that works for them. They want the dignity of decent wages for a full day’s work.

Hang onto your wallets and grit your teeth for a decidedly different America under Joe Biden’s lead.

I’ve followed politics my entire life and can’t remember good ol’ Joe being on the right side of anything he’s ever voted on or been involved with as a 50-year career politician. Perhaps he’s just a front man that his party felt would be the most palatable, or the least contentious. Either way, the Washington bureaucrats, the left-leaning corporatist billionaires, the non-free speech powerful technocrats, the propagandized media, and our hateful enemies of the last great bastion for freedom on the planet, are very happy.

As we close out the year and apparently his presidency, I thought it was important to reiterate just how fortunate we were to have had a president like Donald Trump for these past four years. Not withstanding the rank media bias and of course the hatred (or derangement) of the many uninformed and or misinformed opponents of this president, he fought forcibly against incredibly strong headwinds. He built a thriving economy for the many working class people of all colors, creeds and beliefs in our country.

Now, several weeks after the election, even The New York Times published a piece confirming how much Trump’s policies helped our factory workers. He made it his personal mission to save the jobs of the many blue collar workers in our country, whose jobs were being outsourced to the seven corners of the world because of heavy regulation and non-competitive corporate tax laws.

Pre-COVID, he almost single handedly (even his well entrenched White House staff along with the professional politicians were fighting this) created a thriving business climate, enabling formerly stagnant wages to rise more than they have in generations. Four years later, the workers were thriving, when they were allowed to work, but alas now there are valid concerns about Trump leaving office.

With globalist Joe Biden waiting in the wings, the workers now have a foreboding feeling about what the future will hold. The low-wage countries like China and Mexico are licking their chops at the prospect of a Biden administration and are eager to gobble up the last of our great American factories.

If Joe Biden didn’t want to lose to China, he shouldn’t have signaled he had every intention to trash the Trump agenda. With Trump out of the way, the winner is China. In this scenario the rich international conglomerates will get richer. The Wall Street fat cats will get richer, too, as they engage in global arbitrage without a bit of concern when entire industries are dismantled and shipped overseas.

Biden will be the surreptitious manager of our decline as we outsource not just jobs, but our entire future.

The complete list of accomplishments President Trump has effectively put in place is too long to state here. But to mention just a few: An emboldened economy. No new wars. A relatively peaceful Middle East. A rebuilt and proud military. A slowdown of illegals flooding across the border.

And at warp speed, he’s solved the problems created by the pandemic. He said we’d develop a vaccine by the end of the year. And we did. He said we’d ensure that the cure wasn’t worse than the disease, and looks like he did that, too. Only Democrat governors are to blame for killing their states’ economies.

Unfortunately, much like Winston Churchill, who led the English out of what appeared to be impending takeover from the Nazi advance in World War II, their abrasive personalities doomed them both from re-election.

The 45th president has left Biden with vaccines and an economy that is set to boom. If that boom doesn’t happen, we are all going to know who is to blame. Yeah, we will be building a better economy, but unfortunately it will be in China, not here.

Oh yes, and for those that are buying into Biden the uniter, think again. After four grueling years of Russian collusion and constant attacks that started the day he was elected, the Democrats have lost any empathy for unanimity. There is no longer any middle ground. We now have a Democrat Party that made a Faustian bargain to unite their rank and file, and leans farther left than even Nikita Khrushchev could have imagined.

The past four years are a prime example of what a president should be doing for the people. You may be brash at times and the liberals don’t like that, Mr. President, but you got things done. You put America first. You made America great again, and that is what is truly important.

Pat Patterson is a resident of Lake Wildwood.

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