Park’s design must be reasonable |

Park’s design must be reasonable

In a recent letter to The Union, the writer expressed his disappointment in the continuing efforts of the Alta Hill Homeowners’ Association to have its voice heard in the planning of the recreational facility to be built in the middle of its neighborhood.

This neighborhood has overwhelmingly supported a reasonably designed park for Mulcahy Field and has stated repeatedly in writing, at City Council meetings, on the radio, and in the newspaper, that it hopes that such a park will be of great benefit to Grass Valley. We have taken the position, however, that a 9-foot “sound wall” to be placed directly over the back fences of the modest homes on Dolores Drive is unsightly, ineffective, and expensive; that a sea of parking at the front of the site is also unsightly and ill-conceived; and that a group picnic area accommodating more than 100 people at a time, in addition to soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, a concession stand, and a tot lot, is way too much for this small space and the surrounding neighborhood and narrow streets.

We all want to see the recreational needs of Nevada County met. It should be remembered however, that the recreational facility in question is designed to draw cars and participants from all over the county, often many at once. Perhaps some of our gated communities would consider offering some of their space in order to help meet this need?

The writer of the aforementioned letter suggested that the Alta Hill neighborhood could have its own exclusive park by buying the land from the city. The homes surrounding Mulcahy Field are owned by young, working families and older, fixed-income retired folks. These families do not have the economic advantage which some in other communities might have, of being able to “buy” land to protect their homes and streets. The suggestion that they do such a thing reflects a position of privilege which most folks surrounding Mulcahy Field do not possess.

Fortunately however, because we live in a democracy, we do still possess our voice.

Avila Lowrance

Alta Hill Homeowners’ Association

Grass Valley

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