Parents: Be strong, face pain of meth |

Parents: Be strong, face pain of meth

Meth out of control? You bet!It affects us all. Don’t be fooled that your kids are too smart to be involved. Meth abuse is used by all walks of life – rich, poor, smart, dumb, Christians or whatever higher belief you have.

Kids try it just once, then twice, at no cost to them. Then the dealers have the kids hooked. The kids love the feeling of no cares.

Let’s be honest as parents. Have you noticed any weight loss in your children, dark circles under their eyes or a burst of energy, and then they want to sleep forever? If you have, you might have a meth problem in your home. Pre-teens are a target for meth through high school, as they can peddle this poison to their peers to support their habit.

We as parents can tell our children that drugs are bad, don’t use, but we as parents have no resources to go to when we suspect that our children are using drugs.

We call law enforcement, and they advise us to take our child to the emergency room or family doctor to get a blood test. But … if your child doesn’t want you to know the results, the ER or doctor can’t by law give out any information due to the Privacy Act.

We as parents can assume that if the child doesn’t let the doctor tell us, then it must be positive. Well, what then? Nothing, unless you as parents find anything to do with drugs in your child’s belongings – such as small plastic bags with white residue, baggies with marijuana, razor with mirror that has white residue, pipes to smoke pot or a glass pipe with white powder residue to smoke meth. Then you can call your local law enforcement to get the help that the courts of California have for your child.

Believe me, this is the only way to get the desperate help for your child. The court will put your child through the drug counseling help they need. This is a hard thing to do as a parent, but it comes from the love you have for your child.

Being a good parent hurts, especially when you turn in your child to law enforcement. It is worth all the embarrassment and time if you save your child from a lifelong drug addiction.

The county has a great drug program called ADAPT for your child, as well as drug counselors for the family. I feel for all the families that meth has hurt, because my family is hurting now because we didn’t catch my child’s meth problem until he was an adult.

Be strong and face the problem. I wish we had.

Cindy Milhous is a resident of Brown’s Valley.

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