Pair faces off this election for open judge position |

Pair faces off this election for open judge position

Tom Anderson will be a great judge. For years I provided frequent assistance to the Nevada County Superior Court and I am well aware of his character and skills. He is even-tempered, extremely competent and looks for common sense solutions to problems. He works well with others and has been a valuable asset in the court system.

Some members of the community have expressed concern about how he will handle criminal cases because he is the Public Defender. First of all, he will handle these cases with great competence based on his experience. Secondly, he will handle these cases as a judge and not as an advocate or attorney for either side. As a judge he will act in a fair and unbiased manner and strictly apply the law to the facts presented.

Tom Anderson’s additional experience in civil law and his work both as a pro tem judge and as an administrative law judge pro tem make him the best choice for Nevada County Superior Court judge. I strongly endorse Tom Anderson for this position.

William A. Skillman

Penn Valley


Ray Shine’s a man I trust, admire and love. He’s wonderful to my mother and half-sisters. Nine years ago, Ray welcomed me into his family and has always treated me like his daughter. He was there when I needed help, encouraged me when I felt I wasn’t good enough, and has shown me how much I can accomplish if I work hard enough. He’s a man of great character and I’m thankful that I have him in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Nevada County would be lucky to have him as their next judge.

Jamie Rivers

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.


The recent debate between Tom Anderson and Ray Shine was very telling. Tom Anderson has 23 years experience as an attorney (Civil, Business, Family, and Criminal Law) including six years experience as Judge Pro Tem in Administrative Law; Ray Shine lacks Pro Tem Judge experience. Anderson works in the courtroom daily; Shine does not. Anderson initiated and is involved in innovative, successful court programs (Mental Health Court, High School Peer Court, Juvenile Drug Court) and favors incarceration as a component to the system; Shine strictly supports incarceration and minimizes the success of programs that educate troubled youth and keep them from returning to jail even though the programs have an 80 percent success rate. When asked about the transition process from attorney to judge, Ray Shine replied that he wouldn’t be able to fire people like he used to and that would be difficult, while Anderson detailed his pro tem experience that would allow him to hit the ground running.

The Nevada County Bar Association rated Tom Anderson “Best Qualified” for Judge, and 10 of the 69 who voted, rated Ray Shine “Unqualified” to be judge (see

Please support our community by electing Tom Anderson for Judge.

Duane Phillips

Nevada City


I have just a few words about judge candidate Ray Shine.

R – respectful

A – attentive to family and community

Y – yes to the ethical, right way

Remember these strong attributes possessed by Ray Shine on election day.

Dorothy M. Feuster

Redwood City


At the most recent Nevada county Fair, I had the opportunity to meet Ray Shine. A very nice fellow. He had booth at the fair and came up to introduce himself to my wife an myself. We were both wearing Tom Anderson buttons. We pointed out that we were supporters of Tom and he said, “that is the good part, I respect Tom too, no matter who wins, we will get a good judge.”

A few weeks later I was at a picnic and a gentleman serving beverages was wearing a Tom Anderson button. We got to talking and he mentioned he knew Ray for over 30 years. When I asked why he was supporting his opponent, he told me “I’ll say he is a nice guy, but I won’t say he’d make a good judge, Tom Anderson would make a great judge.” Please when you vote, consider these endorsements. No disrespect to Mr. Shine, but even his opponent agrees that Tom Anderson would make a great judge.

Gregory Sharp

North San Juan


There is one candidate running for Superior Court Judge who’s the most qualified … who has the right judicial temperament … who has the respect of his peers and the community … who’s been endorsed by every sitting judge in the county … who’s helped build innovative court programs to make the legal system more fair and flexible … and who has the hands-on, day-to-day experience in our courtrooms. That man is Tom Anderson. On Nov. 7, I urge you to elect the best man for the job of Nevada County Superior Court Judge: Tom Anderson.

Joan Merriam

Nevada City

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