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Over 88 years, God and doctors on his side

My name is Carl Cicogni, I am 88 years old, and I read your newspaper everyday. I especially like Kudos. Please let me have my turn. I have so many things to be thankful for:

1. In 1918 I had the “Spanish Flu” and survived. My dad carried me in the snow from the Gaston Mine to the Little Town of Washington, and there I stayed overnight in the Washington Hotel. Next day I was taken to a Nevada City hospital by means of a wagon – a mule on one side and a donkey on the other. It was my first stay in the hospital. I thank my dad and the Almighty God and all those who participated in my welfare.

2. In 1920 I was in the Jones Memorial Hospital [now the Swan-Levine House bed and breakfast in Grass Valley] five days. I had my tonsils removed. I thank God and Carl Power Jones for this.

3. Again in the hospital for “Scarlet Fever.”

4. In 1927 I had my appendix removed, also at the Jones Memorial Hospital. In those days it was a 10-day hospital stay for this procedure. Again, I thank God and all those involved in my recovery.

5. In 1934 I went to work in the North Star Mine and spent several days in the hospital, once from a cut on my hand from a sharp piece of quartz. Another time I was unconscious from gas inhalation. I began having a series of migraine headaches and was hospitalized several times.

6. In 1944 I was in a temporary hospital on a warship for two days for fatigue. I thank God and shipmates that helped me.

7. In 1945 I was in the hospital for two days with a broken ankle.

8. In 1951 I was working in the Ancho Eire Mine located on Poor Man Creek six miles from Washington. I fell down a shaft 30 feet deep. I was unconscious for one day and woke up in the Miners Hospital in Nevada City with a broken arm and fractured ribs. I was there for five days. Again, I thank God, my fellow miners and the doctors and nurses who so kindly helped me.

9. In 1955 I went to work on Interstate 80 doing construction work. In 10 years, I was in the hospital once when I was hit by a car on a detour. Again, I thank God and fellow workers, ambulance workers and all involved.

10. In 1963 I was bitten by a scorpion in Tel Aviv, Israel. One day in the hospital.

11. In 1964 I moved to Italy and during my stay there for 25 years, I was in the hospital 15 times. The name of the hospital was Fate Bene Fratelli (Brothers Do Good). I thank the Italian doctors, nurses and all members of the staff. The occurrences were mostly for severe, unbearable migraine headaches.

12. Down in the southern part of Italy, I was hit by a motorcycle, again knocked unconscious and was in the hospital for two days.

13. In 1989 I moved back to the U.S. and was in the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital more than 60 times over the last 15 years. I guess I have broken some kind of record for being there over 60 times!

In all these cases, I thank God and our great local doctor, Dr. Radvany, for keeping me alive. I want to thank all the members of the SNMH and Abbey Rehab for helping me with the vertigo.

Today I am battling for life and feeling good. I am taking eight different kinds of pills, and under the caring and careful eye of Dr. Radvany, I am still alive.

• I have heart trouble.

• I have silicosis, which gives me trouble.

• I have prostate trouble.

• I have asthma.

• I still fight vertigo at times.

God is on my side.

Thanks abundantly to MediCal and Medicare and the Veterans Administration.


Carl J. Cicogni is a resident of Cedar Ridge.

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