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Our View: Giving Tuesday, and every day

One day each year we give.

It’s right there in the name: Giving Tuesday. It’s a reminder to support the nonprofits in our community as well as their purpose. Without them, our community would have a void, an empty space not in a building or office, but in ourselves.

That’s the funny thing about giving. You give something away, and you find yourself filled.

There are too many local nonprofits to name them all. You likely have a few favorites of your own, depending on your preferences.

Hospitality House exists to help the homeless people in our community. Hospice of the Foothills is for those near the end of their lives, and for their families. Bright Futures for Youth is for the kids and teens at the start of theirs, and could use some help or maybe just a friend.

Everyone knows about Sammie’s Friends, which contracts with the county for animal control services and serves as our animal shelter.

These are only a few shining spots in a field of nonprofits filled with stars. It’s the rare person who can give to all, but working together we can lift up all of them.

And that’s what our community has — a field of stars, each one a nonprofit providing light to those who need it most.

These nonprofits don’t just help people in need, they help people with jobs. They rely on volunteers, but many also have paid staff who keep the engine of altruism churning and our nonprofits thriving.

A donation doesn’t just help with a nonprofit’s mission, it helps someone get paid.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to give back, and we’re not limited to just one day a year.

Nonprofits need money. They also need volunteers. You can see this each week in the Volunteer Hub, which runs every Tuesday in The Union.

Our food banks often need people to help, with training provided on the spot. Gold Country Senior Services often needs volunteers to deliver wood for its Senior Firewood Program. Warming shelters look for people to help staff the facility on the coldest nights of the year.

It’s not the money in your wallet that’s needed for these tasks, but the time on your watch.

This season, regardless of someone’s religious or political persuasion, brings out the best when it comes to helping others.

You see this not just with our nonprofits, but in our daily lives. A package is delivered to the wrong home, and a connection on the social networking app Nextdoor ensures the rightful owner gets it. Or someone posts about a need they have, and neighbors step up. Younger folks buying groceries for older county residents, while the older ones work in the younger generation’s gardens.

Financial and time donations are needed, especially now. We’ve gotten past the shopping madness of Black Friday, and are now fully ensconced in the holiday season. Gift buying is likely still on many people’s minds, but so are the needs of our local nonprofits.

They need gifts, too, of our funds and ourselves.

This community shines, not because of its buildings or organizations, but because of the people who populate those structures. We bring life to the shops and churches, the parks and government offices, and the nonprofits that touch most every aspect of our lives here.

Our nonprofits give so much to this community, and we, in turn, have been generous to them. Let’s keep it up.

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