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Our View: Assembly Bill 5 an out-of-touch overreach

September 13, 2019

R.L. Crabb isn’t looking for a full-time gig. Neither is John Hart. Crabb, the sharp-witted cartoonist who creates the “It takes a village idiot” published on these pages, and Hart, The Union’s former photographer who...

Our View: Fire power outages are the new normal

July 5, 2019

Get slapped with a class-action lawsuit with damages reaching into the billions, you start taking things seriously. Serious enough to potentially cut electricity for days to homes across the North State. In the wake of...

Our View: A call-to-action by any other name

June 28, 2019

You don’t usually see law enforcement set its sights on a local judge. They’re all part of the same justice system. Arguably, it makes no sense to poke the bear, especially one in a robe,...

Our View: Those who serve bear a heavy weight

May 31, 2019

The stories from war have weight and are hard to carry. These stories often stay hidden, unspoken. Maybe those carrying them saw little action. Maybe they saw plenty and don’t want to remember. Others are...

Our View: The campaign season that wouldn’t die

March 1, 2019

Political campaigns in this country are akin to Frankenstein’s monster. Constantly lurching forward and out of our control, present day American campaigns are in dire need of a mob bearing torches and pitchforks. Of course,...

Our View: Why shut the door on governor’s visit?

February 21, 2019

To paraphrase from a famous movie, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s understanding of the word “transparency” doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. Transparency doesn’t include restricting access to a League of Cities meeting held today in...

Our View: Ready Nevada County?

February 15, 2019

For decades, the mantra has been “Only you can prevent forest fires.” That’s certainly still true, but there is a whole lot of work underway toward a shift in the paradigm, and you will soon...

Our View: Shot in the arm needed for anti-vaxxers

February 8, 2019

Jenny McCarthy needs to be singled out for her views on vaccination. The anti-vax movement — a belief that vaccinations are linked to autism in children and should be avoided — isn’t completely McCarthy’s fault....

Our View: Nevada County takes action on homelessness

January 25, 2019

In the case of homelessness, Nevada County has been watching a movie with a poor script for years. We’ve lurched from one plot point to the next with little reason. We’ve winced as the players...