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Our View: This community will be there for you

The theme song from the TV show “Friends” has been stuck in our heads recently.

“No one told you life was going to be this way.”

Strangely prescient for a 20-year-old sitcom.

The coronavirus has upended most everyone’s life. It’s affected school, work and home life. People wearing masks in public no longer makes you do a double take. Neither does getting to-go booze from restaurants.

Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

In a time when our lives are upside down, and political rancor is at an all time high, it helps to reflect on what we can do to lower the temperature of ourselves and our community.

When many aspects of our lives are out of our control, it’s good to focus on the parts we can rein in.

Simple tasks around the house are an easy start. You likely have leaves that need to be raked or blown, floors mopped or vacuumed and other basic chores completed.

There are dogs that require walking and jigsaw puzzles that need completion — simple tasks that can make you feel better once done. Mark them off your list, and move on to the next.

There are paths you’ve likely found where you can walk or run while maskless. Secret places, depending on the time of day, where no one except you frequents.

Exercise is key to good health, as is socializing. Of course, that’s difficult in an age of social distancing.

This makes for a good opportunity to meet the neighbors, from a safe distance. Or fire up the PC and become acquainted with Zoom or a similar program.

Best to avoid political subjects. After all, we’re doing this to improve our health.

Things have greatly improved from the dark days of April, when we huddled in fear, like cavemen when it thunders. Businesses have reopened, you can now sit indoors at restaurants and the days of hoarding toilet paper are over.

For some of us, it remains unsafe to venture out. Age, pre-existing conditions and other factors make it a wiser choice to stay indoors and catch up on favorite TV shows and books that have collected dust for too long.

Many of us make a point of keeping a mask in our back pocket. Or it’s hanging from the rear view mirror, where, long ago, we once hung the tassels from our graduation caps. A bottle of hand sanitizer has its own spot in the car, and we vigorously wash our hands every time we step back inside.

There are some things that aren’t returning any time soon. Live theater, musical performances and any large outdoor gathering. You can bet events like Cornish Christmas, which organizers have said will happen, will be very different.

This, like everything, will change. A vaccine will come, and the world will transition back to something we remember. One day, months away, we’ll return to the fairs and festivals. You’ll stand in line, close to strangers, waiting for a fabled corndog.

Or you’ll wrap a thick scarf tight around your neck as a cold breeze fights to break through while at Victorian Christmas. You’re fighting your way to the event’s Lost and Found because you dropped a wallet in the press of people.

And you’ll find it there because, whether friends or strangers, this community will be there for you.

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