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Our View: The best things are all around us

The Union Editorial Board

It’s easy to complain about pretty much anything.

The world makes it easy for us. There’s always some problem or inefficiency to correct. The guy who cut you off in traffic must compete with the poorly made coffee you suffered through this morning as the day’s worst calamity.

And those complaints don’t even compare to the real struggles people must endure daily, not only in faraway places but right here in our community.

Housing, homelessness, jobs, income, bills — these are weights pulling many of us down. They can shield our vision, making it near impossible to see the positive that surrounds us.

And there’s plenty of positive in Nevada County to go around.

This county offers us not only beautiful vistas complete with snow-capped mountains, but also swift rivers and winding hiking trails. You can disappear into your favorite restaurant or hone your square dancing skills. The variety of religious and political beliefs here give us a buffet of options you’d be hard pressed to find in many small communities.

But, as the saying goes, the best things in life are free. That’s certainly true of Nevada County. The people of this community are known for their generosity and their friendships that come free of charge. It’s the people who live here that make this not just a place to live, but a county we’re proud to call home.

Plenty of weeks you’ll read this editorial board’s opinion about a topical occurrence. We take people and politicians to task, lambast or praise some group or elected official.

But every now and then, like today, we want to take this space and talk about what makes this county amazing.

We’ll run out of ink before we’re done.

The pace of our mountain towns is far preferable to larger cities. An easy 20 minutes by vehicle will get you to many spots you need to go in western Nevada County. Traffic can get bad, but getting stuck in rush hour Sacramento traffic puts things quickly into perspective.

Maybe you’re driving to one of our many local restaurants for a meal, or to the event centers in both Grass Valley and Nevada City. You might be driving to our main library or one of its branches — well-used facilities we’ve supported at the ballot box through an earmarked sales tax.

Or just maybe you’re headed to volunteer at one of numerous nonprofits that call Nevada County home. Or to enjoy, perhaps even participate in the choirs, poetry clubs, theater groups or political organizations here.

There’s a host of faith-based groups for those who want them, as well as an interfaith organization that brings together those of different beliefs. These faith groups join the other threads of our community to create a patchwork of creeds, beliefs, political persuasions and professions.

They all weave together into one of the best places to call home.

Admittedly, this view of our county is seen from 30,000 feet. You’ve no doubt got your own anecdotes about Nevada County, your own reasons for living here. We’d like to hear them. Send yours to editboard@theunion.com, but please keep them to under 200 words.

We’ve got stories as well. We’ll leave you with one of our own:

Years ago, at the county livestock show, a girl entered an auction with a hog she’d raised. Her father, active in 4-H, had died recently.

People knew. Bidding began and kept growing. At one point the auctioneer paused, needing time to keep his composure.

The hog sold for over $20,000 — money raised from regular folks, just like you.

That’s Nevada County.

That’s us.

Our View is the consensus opinion of The Union Editorial Board, a group of editors and writers from The Union, as well as informed community members. Contact the board at EditBoard@TheUnion.com.


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