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Our View: Take a look in the mirror

The Union Editorial Board

This newspaper tells the story of our lives.

It’s all there: the triumphs and tragedies, the epic wins and crushing losses, the little joys found on the comics page. The Union, like newspapers across this country, detail them all.

That’s why it’s especially difficult to see parts of our lives fade away during this pandemic.

Few have escaped the effects of the coronavirus, regardless of whether they’ve contracted it. Many have been furloughed. Some have lost their jobs. Others now make less money because of salary cuts, or fewer people walking through the door spending their hard-earned cash.

The world around us has become translucent. You can see it in the pages of this newspaper. Fewer events in our community have reduced pages in the Prospector. The Union itself prints one less day each week. Even the police logs, usually lengthy tomes of misadventure and crime, have shrunk.

Silence settles in, oppressive, ominous.

This is scary. We’re scared. That doesn’t mean we curl up and hide. It means we acknowledge the serious situation we, and most everyone, faces. It means we do the job we’ve always done, adapting to the new circumstances and a different set of hurdles.

Newspapers serve not only to deliver news, but to analyze and put it into context. Features tell you about upcoming events and sports informs about the games you follow.

It’s a glue that binds a community. In the past you might have swapped gossip at the village well. Now you post an online comment. You get new ideas that challenge you. Maybe you verbally spar with a political opponent, but hopefully in a kind and respectful manner.

Because when you argue by a well you’re likely to get wet.

A newspaper comes with its own unique set of rituals. The dog carries it in from the driveway as you sip coffee. Or you hide away in the corner of a coffee shop with matcha and today’s news.

We want these rituals to continue for many years to come.

Our community is fortunate enough to have a handful of local media. YubaNet, KNCO, KVMR and us here at The Union all perform a needed role in bringing news to you in the medium you want. A loss of any one of them would be a loss for the county.

That’s because media isn’t merely the people who deliver news. Here, in Nevada County, it’s also a link that extends to everyone who picks up a paper, turns on the radio or gets online. Media is a shared experience. It tells us about ourselves, our neighbors and what’s happening around us. Without it, we’re a spot on a map defined by county borders and little else.

Ultimately, the media is a reflection of you. Each one of us is a patchwork of our experiences, and we reflect those moments in time.

Climate change leading students to work with school administrators for a walk out. The cannabis industry coming out of the shadows, at first battling with local government before reaching a mutual understanding. A look at homelessness, and how different parts of our community work toward ending it.

Your 10-year-old son, who just hit his first home run. He’s rounding the bases, his helmet almost falling.

All these memories and moments make up each one of us. You see them when you look into the mirror each morning, each time you pick up a copy of the newspaper.

The Union wants to keep returning that look, and looks forward to doing it.

The weekly Our View editorial represents the consensus opinion of The Union Editorial Board, a group of editors and writers from The Union, as well as informed community members. Contact the board at EditBoard@TheUnion.com.

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