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Our View: Mask up and buy local

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, the government is there to prove you wrong.

We’ve all changed our lives since March, when “COVID-19” and “coronavirus” became household words. We cover our noses and mouths — well, most of us do — with masks whenever in public. We shirk going indoors when we can. We’ve canceled trips.

We have, in short, become different people.

And after all that, it still wasn’t enough to avoid getting our community thrust into the purple, or most severe, tier of restrictions.

Local businesses need us to survive. Let’s make a point this holiday season of making our gift purchases from local stores only.

Just in time for the holiday season, no less.

There will always be people on the fringe in any scenario, those who refuse to comply and shake their fists whenever they feel wronged.

But you know you’ve made the wrong move when the rest of us, the ones who have obeyed the rules this whole time, start giving Sacramento the side eye.

It sure didn’t help Gov. Gavin Newsom’s case when he dined at a restaurant with people other than his live-in family. He apologized for putting his hand in the COVID jar — an apology that came on the same day Nevada County learned it was getting booted back into the purple tier.

It was a bad move to kick off what’s likely going to be a bad winter, in more ways than one.

Thankfully — and it is the season to give thanks — our community has the resilience and fortitude many others lack. We have everything we need to weather this storm, and emerge from the other side stronger.

Governments can’t operate without taxes, which means we must have our local businesses open. We want those businesses to remain financially healthy, which requires us to patronize them. That, in turn, keeps jobs filled, adding to the number of people who spend money at local shops.

However, we can’t pretend that everything is normal and that it’s business as usual. Flu season is here. Add to that a pandemic and some people who refuse to follow basic hygiene, and you’ve got a blueprint for how to destroy a local economy.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and we can ensure it doesn’t by taking some simple steps.

The federal government isn’t going to save us. The state government is too busy issuing rules, and then looking foolish when the governor violates them.

According to Supervisor Dan Miller, we don’t fit the criteria to appeal our tier designation.

That means if we’re going to get through this, it’s on us.

Local businesses need us to survive. Let’s make a point this holiday season of making our gift purchases from local stores only.

Toys, books, tools, clothes, whatever you might buy for friends and family — shop local. Our town’s stores help form the backbone of our community. They need us more than ever right now.

When the pandemic started some businesses urged customers to buy gift cards from them even though they were closed, asking for the cash that would enable them to weather months of closure before opening once again.

It’s a good idea. Except this time around, we don’t need to wait for a store to close before getting a gift card from them.

Convince your friends and family to follow suit. Encourage others to do the same.

Naysayers may wallow through the cold months, claiming that the purple tier will shutter our stores and cripple our community. They may shout there’s no solution to our economic woes.

We’re stronger than that, and this is how we’ll prove them wrong.

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