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Our View: Democrats do disservice by backing boycott


That is the only way to describe the actions of Democratic state senators who voted Thursday to endorse a boycott of stores, employers and schools by immigration supporters.

What about the impact the boycott will have on their other constituents, those who own businesses that have served and employed immigrants?

What about the school districts that have educated immigrants and now stand to lose thousands of dollars in state education aid if those same students skip school that day to make a political statement?

The Democratic majority in the Senate has cancelled its regular session on Monday in another show of support for the Great American Boycott 2006. And, yes, they will be getting paid and probably collect their pricy per diems while taking that day off and doing some politicking.


This is not a show of leadership by Senate Democrats. It is an act that will further divide a state that is already engaged in a smoldering immigration debate.

It is obvious that Senate Democrats are taking advantage of the boycott to further their own political ambitions, which is business as usual in Sacramento. Unfortunately, this brash political move will come at the expense of taxpaying Californians who already work in a challenging business environment in this state.

It is also unconscionable that these politicians are encouraging children to skip school that day, which sends the signal that education is not a primary concern.

Sen. San Aanestad, R-Grass Valley, is correct when he said that “the state Senate is a lawmaking body that passes laws requiring children to be in school, yet now we’ve passed a resolution that I consider to be very hypocritical.”

Hypocritical is an appropriate way to describe the actions of Senate Democrats. If their way to make a point is to support a boycott that harms businesses, employers and school districts, they cannot purport to represent the best interests of all Californians. In effect, they have become representatives of special interests.


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