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Our View: A look ahead in interesting times

The Union Editorial Board

Out with the old, in with the new.

Last week we used this space to talk about the old — events of 2017 that stood out among the crowd.

This week it’s all about the new — predictions, prognostications and promises for 2018.

We asked our editorial board members to opine on all three, and toss in any personal thoughts they wanted to share.

Having set the stage, let’s dig right into the hopes and fears of this new year:

First, Ross Maak:

In the coming year, I’d like to see everyone chill out.

What a wonderful world it would be if we could all speak without being immediately judged.

If I say, “I think Trump did a good job on that issue,” I’m immediately a right-wing nut who carries 15 guns in his pickup and has a bumper sticker that says “These colors don’t run.”

If I say, “I think Obama did a good job on that issue,” I’m immediately a libtard hippy who takes his morning bath in patchouli and has a bumper sticker that says “Coexist.”

Relax. It’s just politics. And, for the sake of all that is good and holy, relax. It was just a joke.

Next up, Mary Anne Davis:

For 2018 I hope we see a “calming” of the anger that has permeated our society. Respect. A little more “thinking before speaking.” I hope to see progress in local government making this a more business-friendly environment. I’d like to see affordable housing be a reality instead of a pipe dream. I believe we need planned and responsible growth, resulting in keeping more of our tax dollars here. If we don’t move forward we could lose momentum and stagnate.

Let’s work together to move forward in 2018!

Here are some thoughts from Don Rogers:

This year marks a decade since the Great Recession kicked in and President Barack Obama was elected to the first of his two terms. The political climate has upended, while the stock markets surge. Much is different, and much hasn’t changed at all since 2008, like Nevada County’s population and older average age. This remains a beautiful place and great community, where people are helpful and friendly.

Let’s remember our virtues as we grapple with our inevitable challenges to come as well as the enduring ones. However 2018 goes, it won’t lack for interest. The foundation, of course, is our quality of life here, with big issues ranging from our local economy to fire safety to poverty. We’ll make progress on these and other fronts if we can bridge our superficial differences to work together on common concerns to all of us.

A few words from R.L. Crabb:

The legalization of marijuana will have the greatest impact on Nevada County in 2018.

No matter how long the Board of Supervisors puts off formalizing the rules, growers are going to grow, and there will be a lot of them. The state and federal governments have yet to reconcile any way to legally deposit the revenues into a bank. Until that glitch in the system is remedied, I see a lot of potential for trouble.

Personal thoughts from Mike Dobbins:

When did it become OK for a state to ignore federal law and call itself a sanctuary for illegal immigration? Don’t most elected officials — and those they hire to carry out their administration — take an oath of office to uphold all things legal and the Constitution of the United States?

The sheriff of every county is by definition its chief law enforcement officer. Each sheriff has taken the same oath. The housing of prisoners, both state and federal are his responsibility.

How is it possible they are no longer allowed to carry out that oath? Or even assist those charged with enforcing it?

And finally, Alan Riquelmy:

Expect a year wilder than the last. We’ve got midterms on the federal level, a gubernatorial race in California and the first year of legal marijuana sales under a U.S. attorney general who doesn’t like pot.

Closer to home there’s a sheriff’s race for an office that’s held the same occupant for 20 years, along with an election for two spots on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.

Call it a curse if you like, but we certainly live in interesting times.

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