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Our signs on our land are legal

Now let me see if I have this right. The same people who are advocating NH 2020 (“our” county government) want to try and take away our First Amendment rights. They want to work with their environmental whacko friends and special-interest groups to take our property, but shame on us if we resist their efforts. This decision by Steve Brown is his lame effort to quell any and all opposition to their land grab. Who are the group of citizens he refers to with the complaints about the signs and the list of properties? They couldn’t be the same whackos and special interests referred to earlier? Could it be our Stupidvisors, who are advocates for NH 2020 and up for election in November, who are behind this effort?

Our signs on our property are legal! We are free to express our opinions anytime we desire. The “No on NH 2020” signs are not “campaign” signs. Maybe the county staff doesn’t remember, or conveniently forgot, our Board of Stupidvisors (excluding Sue Horne) won’t let us vote on NH 2020. How can there be a campaign with no election scheduled? Isn’t it interesting how the special interests and the county seem to be in bed and opposing those of us who are just concerned citizens.

I have a “No on NH 2020” sign on my property. I hope the county comes out and tries to remove it – be sure to ignore the “No trespassing” signs. The result would be a legal action I would relish. But I’m sure the county has the time and money for such a battle. After all, they can spend almost $250,000 on an “empty box” (NH 2020), and there are no other pressing concerns in Nevada County.

Bob Larive

Nevada City

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