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Our misdirected leader ignores economy

We all recall the last presidential election, when the Supreme Court again boo-booed and selected the worst of two rather poor choices. We would have recognized this mistake, had not Osama gotten revenge for the damage our economy had done to his. But this gave the Supreme Court selectee a chance to boost his approval ratings to possibly 75 percent from his original 50 percent. And seeing this he, whose real allegiance is to oil and not country, saw an opportunity to take over a major oil source (Iraq) while he ignores the real problem that we face.

That is, “the economy, stupid.” But this time, the normal cycle of boom and bust, typical of the capitalist economy, is complicated by the evolution of cooperative (Marxist) China. I invite any doubter to pick up “China Shakes the World” by Jack Belden and extrapolate the 50 years from when it was written in 1946 to 2003, which will be here in a few days.

No matter how much they may have distorted the original Marxist concepts of the revolution (and I do not pretend to know), they nevertheless have an economy similar to that of which Mr. K. said, “We will bury you.” And at this critical moment in history, our misdirected leader is trying to involve us in the wrong war, at the wrong place, and with the wrong enemy, all of which will further deplete our resources. And further delay any hoped for economic recovery.


Syd Hall

Nevada City

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