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Our government is representative

Our country is founded on a representative form of government, whereby the citizens elect their representatives to serve in their behalf. We citizens elected our current representatives to serve on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS), with the understanding that they would act on issues about which most people were concerned: environment, water, growth, transportation, parks and recreation.

Our BOS felt there was a need to carry out the dictates of the General Plan. And, in order to do this with a frame of reference, they proposed NH 2020 as a means to acquire information about of our county’s resources, characteristics and potential growth problems. This proposal solicited information from the people in public forums and working groups that represented agriculture, water, business, forestry, etc. I consider this to be most judicious because it allows us to gather information in a data bank for future reference.

After working groups have completed their research, the data will be revealed to the public and the summary presented to the BOS. When the BOS approves the NH 2020 proposal, it is then submitted to the people for a vote of approval or rejection. This is democracy in action.

NH 2020 should never have become a political issue that divided our electorate. It was never about violating private property rights. And it should never have become a YES or No on NH 2020 before the proposal was completed and presented to the people. For their own political and personal gain, John Birchers Calvin Clark and Drew Bedwell made NH 2020 a property rights issue to maliciously disrupt the BOS and mislead the public with their inane garbage about the influence of the United Nations on our local politics, and then resorted to a phony recall of Elizabeth Martin. Many constituents consider this to be a violation of our rights because it has consumed and distracted our representatives from carrying out their platform.

Sadly, supposedly intelligent voters were swayed by the raves of the ultraconservative propagandists in the primary election. If not NH 2020, what do the contrarians Bedwell and Sutherland have planned for growth in Nevada County?

Chuck Idler

Penn Valley

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