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Other Voices: Who’s responsible for these books?

With the threatened closing of one of this county’s most vital resources, our libraries, a number of questions come to mind:

1. What has happened to the money earmarked for library operations as a result of two tax measures passed by voters in recent years?

2. Has this money been co-mingled in the county’s general fund and if so, why?

3. Has the board of supervisors considered evaluating the possibility of staff reductions in other departments either by attrition or layoffs?

4. Has the Board of Supervisors considered any other restraints on county spending?

What would Andrew Carnegie say as he restlessly turns over in his grave at the thought of either closing or privatizing his two local contributions to culture and literacy?

And while we’re at it; I second Jessica Moran’s observation (Other Voices, The Union, Oct. 12) that turning the libraries over to a monopoly is nothing more than a giveaway and a Band-Aid measure.

It smacks of buck passing on the part of the Board of Supervisors.

I am a regular patron of our Nevada County Library System and would consider closing any of the facilities a breach of public trust by a duly elected body of supervisors sworn to provide for the public welfare.

Libraries are an adjunct teaching tool for young and old alike and are to be respected as such and not considered as a commodity that can be eliminated at will.

I respectfully suggest that the Board of Supervisors as individuals visit the Foley, the Hellings or the Royce branch here in the western county and observe first hand the value of the asset.

Oh, by the way – if you visit Foley, it is only open between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Fridays with a half hour staff break for lunch!

If all else fails; there is always the ballot box!

Bob Wyckoff lives in Grass Valley.

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