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Other Voices: Treat yourself to some ice cream

A few years back I was exiting the Rite Aid store in Grass Valley. There outside on a bench were four 10 to 11 year olds: two girls, two boys, their gleeful tongues wrapped around ice cream cones and their faces dancing with pure joy.

So engaging were their faces that I stopped to inquire why they were so excited.

One of the little girls replied, “We’re celebrating my new braces!” She smiled big to show me the shiny metal that now encased her entire mouth.

So cute were they that I asked the adult accompanying them permission to take their photo.

They happily posed on that perfect blue sky summer day. Not a care in the world, as it should be for kids getting ice cream in any town.

I got many copies of their photo and sent them to friends, commenting that kids can make something so simple into something so special.

Yesterday I left Rite Aid and came home with ice cream.

So tired of the smoke and orders to stay inside, I used that to treat myself to some of the cold creamy stuff. It’s not on my diet, but neither is four weeks of choking air.

Several friends have called or stopped by to visit. Somehow our conversations have gotten around to ice cream.

Who knew it was a coping mechanism for others?

How she puts it in her favorite cup and stirs it ’til it’s just right. Another spoke of a special way she eats her cold, creamy delight.

There we all were this week chattering like kids. Giggling and gleeful over the simple taste of ice cream.

And yes, we’re all watching our calories, and yes, we used the awful air conditions as a reason to enjoy an extra bowl or two of ice cream.

Picture the four senior ladies sitting on that same Rite Aid bench. After all, ice cream is timeless. You’ll hear us laughing and sharing and joking, too.

This is what we have to do to get through difficult times. In sharing how we go about doing this – well, there’s the joy – is in knowing we have each other.

My favorite saying, “Never give up the child within you for the adult without.”

So until the blue skies return and the clouds are bouncing over us, I hope to see you treating yourself in a sweet and special way. If that includes your ability to make “the perfect ice cream cone,” well, go for it!

Diane Davy lives in Grass Valley.

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