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Other Voices: Tiger doesn’t deserve hero status

So, Tiger Woods is returning to golf just in time for the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga., April 8. “How conVENient,” like the Church Lady used to say!

To quote the Associated Press release (March 17) “Tiger Woods return to the golf course is a long-awaited boon to sponsors that stood by him and marketers who stand to get big exposure from the big Masters audience.”

It speaks of his “infidelities and lurid headlines that left his value as a pitchman in shambles.” Excuse me! His behavior created all three of these situations, not to mention the destruction it caused his wife and children! Is the money that was lost due to his mistakes and lack of judgment more important than what he did to his family? It sounds like it is, but have his wife and children spoken of the pain that he has caused them?

“Woods underwent therapy at this clinic (Gentle Path) and says his treatment is continuing” as KOVR Channel 13 reported on Tuesday, March 16. But what about his wife and children – where are they in the recovery process and who is helping them through their recovery? No mention of that, in print, or from CBS. (“Elin has reportedly moved back into the family home where the couple is working on trying to repair their marriage,” is the only “mention” of that.)

Don’t tell me he didn’t know what he was doing. Tiger Woods is a smart man and he knows right from wrong. Has he not seen enough evidence in the last weeks, months, and decades of men doing the same as he has done, and who, like Tiger, destroyed their families, their lives, and their careers? Did he not think the same thing would happen to him? His family? His career? Did he even care? Did he think he was not going to have to “pay” for his “mistakes”?

He has shown his family, golf and the world he has no respect or allegiance to his family or his sponsors. The smart ones are the ones who dropped him when it was revealed what he had done. He has no integrity and no conscience or he would not have done what he did. And now he expects everyone to understand, because now it is time to get back to making money. Timing is everything.

“CBS Sports President, John McManus thinks that Tiger Wood’s return to golf will be one of the biggest media spectacles in recent memory, surpassed only by President Obama’s inauguration.” Give me a break! You cannot even compare the two men or the two events; there is no comparison!

I am disgusted that the president of CBS Sports even said their names in the same sentence.

“Tiger has always spiked TV ratings, anyway, before this scandal. I think the public is ready for the next chapter in this story, which is Tiger’s reemergence and his efforts to focus his story back on golf again.” After all, isn’t that what is the most important thing in all of this-golf and his return to it? And the money? (For the complete, disgusting report-go to CBS 13.com, March 17).

Tiger Woods can do whatever he wants, but the sports world and the media are making him out to be a hero because he is back to make his sponsors a lot of money. But isn’t that what this is all about; or maybe we should ask his wife and children what they think it is all about.

“Instead of being tabloid fodder (and whose fault is that?) for his non-athletic activities, he goes back to what he started out to be, which is an athlete.” But really, how important is it anyway, to be an athlete if you destroy everything else around you in the process?

Joyce Haire lives in Grass Valley.

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