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Other Voices: The medical crisis in Nevada County

I would like to respond to a letter in The Union dated 1/5/06 written by one of our local physicians. I am in agreement that Nevada County is facing a medical crisis but as far as it is, “…coming our way,” you must believe that it is already here and that the future does indeed look bleak. While increased overhead and deadbeat patients are indeed a problem, as the writer points out, they are far from the whole truth.

In the first place the Medicare and the Medi-Cal programs are in total disarray as a direct result of mismanagement and outright fraud by an alarming number of physicians and the apparent inability of Congress to address the problem in any meaningful manner. HIPPA is a joke and has done little good for the health-care community. In fact this program, Hillary Clinton’s legacy, has simply been more beauracratic nonsense that has done nothing more than exacerbate the problems.

Secondly, the reason that we are experiencing a doctor shortage in this community is a direct responsibility of Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital that refuses to allow independent doctors to have access to hospital facilities unless they join the Catholic Healthcare West Club and let’s face it, they are the only game in town. I might add that this in no way denigrates the physicians who currently practice there, rather, it is entirely the fault of the administrators, most of whom wouldn’t know aspirin from goat droppings.

There is a great deal more to this issue than is readily apparent but I don’t think that new taxes or subsidies are necessarily the answer. No, the solution to this issue is going to take a great deal of righteous indignation on the part of those of us who are being or will be, abused by a health-care system that is almost beyond repair. What it’s going to take is for the citizenry to rise up and demand that those with the power to do so, take appropriate action. You can bet that things will remain the same unless we do.

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