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Other Voices: Teen shares thoughts from France

Zoe Toffaleti, a 16-year-old student at Nevada Union High School, is studying abroad in France. Here are her impressions:

Well, France is different. Their lightswitches are all backwards and sideways and kind of upside down, and they drive like psychopaths. My uncle drove 80 (kilometers per hour) on a very winding road.

My new bedroom has shutters, and when I open them, I can see cows and grass and barns and ominous rainclouds and a bit of lavender.

And oh, the cheeses I’ve seen. Plus, people have tried to give me alcohol about seven times – mostly wine but once something red and suspicious looking, with what looked like a pickled blowfish in the bottom (though I’m fairly certain is was some kind of exotic fruit).

Once they offered me beer. Gee whiz, it’s like they’re trying to kill my liver!

Today, I will go explore the town of Aurillac (with a whopping 35,000 people) and mail my first letter. I will also have lunch in town – maybe Orangina, for a drink? I love the stuff, I’ll admit.

Earlier today, my aunt said that the nice thing about Aurillac is that if you look “up,” there’s always a bit of green – and sometimes a cow.

“Up?” I said, just to clarify that there were cows in the sky. “Yes.” she said. I don’t think she was paying much attention.

Last night, I had a dream that I went to the Louvre, only it had been taken over by Heroists, who looked a bit like Huns, and the leader had established a headquarters inside. And there were statues of people, only they were made of salt.

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