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Other voices: Stay the course, America!

When Washington and his men crossed the Delaware through the dark of night on Dec. 25, 1776, conditions were bleak. His men were tired, hungry, frostbitten, and still had a long and treacherous journey ahead of them. They did not abandon their leader midstream. They forged on to cross the Delaware and make American history.

Our Commander in Chief took the oath of office in January 2009. Less than one month later, in February, 2009, the tea party patriots movement was launched by Mark Meckler, an attorney with ties to the Conservative lobbying firm Russo, Marsh, and Rodgers out of Sacramento. One month! The row boat had hardly pushed away from the dock.

Recently, the New Yorker magazine ran a 10 page expose of the major Madhatters behind the tea party movement. Surprise! Surprise! The article unmasked Oil and Gas moguls, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, the second largest corporation in the United States with 100 billion in revenues annually. The article is entitled, “Covert operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama,” March 30, 2010. Every tea party member who hasn’t yet read the leaves at the bottom of the cup should read this article.

These moguls have been fueling the tea party plot through lobbying groups like FreedomWorks and Americans for Progress way before they sprinkled it with dark brew and baptized it as “grassroots.” They fanned the flames with Articles of the Constitution so that the identity of the brewing brothers were concealed in a cloud of patriotic steam. They called in the clowns, staged the soothsayers, and seduced the ever-popular female gladiator from her elected position, to entertain in their personal political arena.

Platitudes and paranoia may distract from the real facts, but Americans who swallowed the tea party brew, tongue of Newt and all, are finally getting to the bottom of the cup and reading the leaves … Those behind the tea party plot have misused the hearts of patriots and the souls of Christians to further their own Libertarian agenda of minimum government and maximum freedom. Because “Freedom” for mainstream America means the freedom of speech and freedom to worship as we please. Check. But “Freedom” in the world of oligarchs is spelled … D-E-R-E-G-U-L-A-T-I-O-N and Americans have not forgotten how we became grounded on the mudbank of this recession.

Corporations like Koch Industries, Wall Street and big banks, and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries have much to fear from Obama. Reform.

Here are some facts:

1. Jobs: 99 percent of all employers are small business based, not corporate based. This administration has provided small business health tax credits, and if the conservatives in Congress cooperate, will provide more tax breaks, and loans from community banks for up to $30 billion to grow small businesses and jobs.

2. Tax: The median family federal income tax this year will be the lowest than any year since 1955.

3. Stimulus: Most countries are using their economic stimulus plans to develop a greener economy, mainly in China, South Korea, and Spain.

Our Constitution states that the government promote the general welfare, not the welfare of the few. When you have billions, you can afford to sit on your hands and do nothing. Nothing but attack this President. We are still struggling to turn the economy around, and those with the Bush entitlements have done nothing … nothing to grow jobs. They keep their tax break for the rich in their back pocket and sit on it.

The bitter truth is that the Koch brothers and others lied to the American public when they schemed, orchestrated and, yes, funded the tea party movement. The Koch brothers may sit on boards for cancer research, but their Georgia Pacific plant leaks the carcinogen, formaldehyde, into the environment. Things always aren’t what they seem, and the tea party was not founded by a bunch of patriotic seniors in funny hats, but by billionaires who believe that a bottomless bucket of money can brainwash and buy them anybody. Even control of a nation.

Stay the course, America! It is easy to become discouraged when the journey is long and requires much of us. I believe in the spirit of those patriots who crossed the Delaware with their leader. Not those that march and wave placards in front of the media, but those who huddled with their leader in the cold of night with only the spark of honor and loyalty to warm their hearts and see them through. We will see through to the other side of our economic recovery. We are midstream. Stay the course, America!

Cheryl Cook lives in Nevada City.

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