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Other Voices: Something to consider during this celebration of our liberty

The fireworks may already be over (canceled?), the food has been eaten, drinks consumed, friends gone home and you’re still upset. Why? Gas is almost $5 a gallon, inflation is destroying the value of your money, businesses are closing their doors, cutbacks are announced almost daily in the job sector, a war with no end in sight has more than drained our national treasury (can you say trillions in debt?) and is creating a huge division amongst our citizens.

You want to hold someone accountable and yet no one seems willing to step up and be accountable.

Well, there is some good news to report. A change is coming and I’m not talking about Obama or McCain (this is not about Repub-licans or Democrats).

June 30 has the potential to be remembered in history as the day Americans began, in earnest, the moral and solemn process of holding our government (public servants) accountable to the Constitution. You know, that document that George W. Bush commented about as being “just a god @%#&% piece of paper!” This accountability will be held under the threat of withdrawal of allegiance, support and your tax money. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Read on.

On Monday June 30, approximately 1,200 Ameri-can citizens will begin the process of exercising a profound, but little known, 800-year-old “right” first spoken of in that document, called the Magna Carta. This “process” of formally serving a “Legal Notice and Demand” is for Redress of Grievances upon the President, the Attorney General and every member of Congress at their local district offices.

It may seem hard to believe but the academic research that has been going on for this “Right” makes it very clear that the “Right to Petition for Redress” is not a redundant statement of the Right of Speech. It is in fact, the “individual” exercise of “Popular Sovereignty.”

I believe it is time once again to revisit the Consti-tution, that document which continues to prescribe the duties and “once limited” powers we give to our government.

The “Right of Redress of Grievances” is the process to bring our government back into accountability.

Have a wonderful and celebratory Fourth of July and consider pausing for a moment to acknowledge the contributions of all those who came before us now in creating and preserving these United States of America.

For more information about the Plan to Restore Constitutional Order, visit http://www.givemeliberty.org/revolution.


Jim Doolittle lives in Nevada City.

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