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Other Voices: Sickened by Greenhorn closure

I just read the March 26 article about Greenhorn closing and was sickened.

Those of you who are Nevada County natives like myself have sat back and watched for years and we lose one thing after another that made this community great. If you move in next to the fairgrounds and pay half price for your house – you have no right to complain about the noise and the dust (and shut down the racetrack). If you buy a house next to the landfill and pay half the going rate for homes, you have no right to complain about the smell of trash (as you shut down the dump). If you buy a home down by the Greenhorn gravel beds rec area, and pay pennies on the dollar for your home. Who do you think you are? Hey, genius, there was a reason why your property on Buck Eye costs $500 an acre when the county was selling for $50,000 an acre.

It’s because thousands of us grew up enjoying your backyards. We have been going to Greenhorn since before there were homes in the area. And, yes, there is a very small amount of people that make a mess out there. I see people throw cigarette butts out their windows on Highway 49 all the time … So I guess we should close that down, also? And not to mention the people that come here from all over Northern California to play at Greenhorn, those people spend money here at the restaurants and offroad store, etc.

Here’s an idea … rather than having law enforcement resources wasted enforcing a closure that hurts all of us who are doing the right thing and takes money out of our area. We have law enforcement spend its resources enforcing the laws that are already being broken. If you are tired of these people wrecking our county, stand up and don’t let them. If you live there and don’t like living next to an offroad area … move! Go pay half price for your land next to the sewer treatment plant so you can try and shut that down, also.

Jarret Fink lives in Grass Valley.

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