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Other Voices: Putting a lid on meth use

Hey, we are the Nevada County Meth Action Team, better known as UNZIP. Zip is another name for methamphetamine, so we are called UNZIP, hoping that we can stop meth in Nevada County.

So I guess you could say that we are trying to unzip Nevada County. Meth is a very addicting drug that affects everyone, even if you are not directly using it.

Meth affects the environment because when you cook meth (i.e., make it using common household chemicals and other substances), you are not only creating a drug, you are also creating toxic waste that affects our environment.

The innocent people who live in the place it is cooked sometimes are children and the taxpayers’ money goes into cleaning that waste and the mess from the meth labs.

Most people start using meth at young ages because of the environment that they are raised in or the group of friends that they choose to hang with.

When you are young, you don’t really know what you are doing, and then the meth just gets addicting. It soon becomes something that you have to get to feel normal, even though your body is nowhere close to being normal.

UNZIP is a program run through the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department, California Friday Night Live, and the state of California’s Drug and Alcohol Department. The program’s purpose is to raise community awareness about the issues and problems of the meth presence in Nevada County. We have educational materials available to the community and also will come present to your organization or club about this subject and what you need to know.

Log onto our Web sites to learn more about our programs: http://www.unzipfnl.com or http://www.myspace.com/ncmeth or http://www.nevadacountymethactionteam.com. You can reach UNZIP at 470-2644.

Stephanie Coffin attends Nevada Union High School and is a member of UNZIP. Michele Schiro is the project coordinator of the Nevada County Meth Action Team.

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