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Other Voices: Over-regulation stymies job growth

Californians are suffering. With thousands unemployed in a staggering economy, this is a difficult time for families. The cost of living is rising, and our state’s unemployment rate has reached 12.4 percent, the third highest in the nation, with some areas as high as 18 percent.

California has seen a mass exodus of jobs in recent years as businesses have fled the state’s over-regulation, high taxation, and overall hostile job climate. What should have been California jobs are now relocated to places such as Nevada, Oregon and Texas. This is unacceptable and Californians deserve better.

Creating jobs has been my number one priority since the day I took office. It is high time the rest of the Legislature put California jobs first and focus on real solutions, not partisan projects.

Too many local businesses shutter their doors and leave town. Each time a business closes, we lose precious jobs and our community suffers. It’s time we treated job creators like friends, not enemies to tax and regulate to death. We shouldn’t kill our “Golden Goose.”

One local company, Hills Flat Lumber, which employs about 200 people in the Grass Valley area, has told me that if current regulations stay in effect, the only place left to cut will be employees. They are a family-owned business, providing lumber and custom home needs in Nevada County.

Hills Flat is an eco-friendly business that utilizes large solar-powered generation units on its roof as well as using geothermal technology to heat and cool its buildings. The company remains environmentally conscious while current rulings with the Air Resources Board and the implementation of AB 32 may force them to lay off part of their workforce.

The exodus of California businesses to other states has even been aided by our federal government. Just recently MiaSole, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of solar panels, announced their upcoming expansion in Georgia. Not in California, where we suffer from 12.4 percent unemployment, but Georgia. Even worse, they are receiving rough $108 million in stimulus tax credits from the Obama administration. Georgia gets 1,000 new jobs while California gets the bill.

The social networking site Facebook is based in Palo Alto, but I wonder how long they’ll stay. They recently announced their expansion of 35 jobs in a $180 million data center in Prineville, Ore. And how about Northrup Grumman, California’s last major aerospace firm? They announced they will be out of California by 2011. At one time, over 75 percent of the nation’s aerospace industry was in California.

A new blog site has sprung up to keep track of the exodus of business from California.

They call themselves “The Business Relocation Coach” and offer consulting services helping businesses moving to other states. That’s right, our state has actually created a new industry helping businesses leave our state. This is not acceptable.

Your Legislature needs to take a hard look at how the laws they have passed affect everyday Californians. We must work together to curb these onerous regulations that are destroying jobs and hurting families.

This year jobs and stimulating economic growth should be our first priority.

In the coming months I will work hard on your behalf to turn around this economic Titanic and set our local economy in safe waters.

I will introduce legislation that will require every new regulation to have an economic impact analysis done before it is implemented. I will also propose legislation that puts a mandatory five-year review on out-of-control agency regulations.

The cost of over-regulation on California families is taking hard-earned money that could be spent on education, clothing or food. The cost of over-regulation on business is laid-off employees. The cost of over-regulation to our state is losing our competitive edge in the global economy.

Some regulation is needed, but let’s look at these common sense solutions; it is high time that your elected officials took action to help our economy recover. We need to restore faith and hope in the individual – after all, it’s you who make California great.

Please take the time to look at the California Jobs First Web site and fill out the survey. The links can be found on my Web site at http://www.assembly.ca. gov/logue. By passing on your story, I will be better equipped to help bring jobs back to California.

Dan Logue represents California’s 3rd Assembly District.

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