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Other Voices: Mine could be the golden ticket

Gold is an investment as old as the ages, gold has a staying power. It has always been around and it will survived when governments and currencies all collapse. Gold has shown some dismal performances in the past recent years. The ultimate reality of dealing with the national debt will hit home and it is then that the price of gold will either go no where or plummet like a cannon ball in a bucket of whipped cream.

Would you believe it? At the present time bread is close to $5 a loaf, $2 for a quart of milk, around $4.20 a gallon for gasoline, and diesel fuel comes in a few cents higher. The real estate business in our communities is struggle at the bottom of the boot. The city and county budgets all floundering in red ink. Even our school system seems to be having their share of problems.

Last, and certainly not least, there are ever so many people who were working at some job with a good take-home pay, as close as a week ago, that no longer prevails. All of this seems to me just like having a ring side seat at history.

The opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine in the Grass Valley area is the ultimate relief from all the present turmoil in our communities. I personally would recommend most highly that who ever may be in any position to help this mine reopen to do so immediately.

There have been many upon many attempts to discredit gold by the politicians and so-called money managers. But there are none so blind than those who cannot see.

Grass Valley at one time was a busy mining community, and, the sooner it returns to that status the better off a whole lot of people will be – a lot better off than they presently are. There seems to be ever-so-many people expressing their personal opinions about reasons for not opening this mine, but do they really know what they are talking about?

Let me tell you, the day of the sand pond at the Idaho-Maryland Mine are gone. The present officials of this mine are certainly much wiser than to think that they could get by doing anything that could poison our environment.

It certainly becomes my great privilege to see the contrast of hope and disaster.

Albert Paul Pratti lives in Downieville.

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