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Other Voices: Marriage threatened? – hardly

Your marriage already is in jeopardy if it is threatened from approximately six out of every 100 men and women who are not erotically attracted to the opposite gender.

How old were you when you decided you were heterosexual? Most of us never do make a conscious decision. We just are. I do remember, however, when in the fifth grade we had a teacher who sat behind an open-front desk, and several of us boys kept dropping our pencils on the floor, hoping to experience a thrill of unknown origin from panty peeks.

I never have felt my almost 60 year marriage was threatened from either a man or a woman. I have worried some that my wife might be tempted if someone offered her a horse or a couple of golden retrievers.

A perverse choice! What rational person would choose to be a part of a ridiculed and persecuted minority?

A constitutional amendment? The same idiocy as an amendment mandating other human characteristics.

And procreation? Our problem is limiting procreation rather than proscribing it.

God indicts homosexuality? Yes, Leviticus in the Old Testament, or the Torah, condemns the “abomination” of a man lying with a man and calls for death by stoning (with real rocks).

In addition, while not as draconian, the Quran states homosexuality is a bad choice, and one cannot be embraced fully by God (Allah) with that choice.

Alright, let’s enforce Leviticus, which also prescribes death for unfaithful men, disobedient wives and children, and for having sex with any relative, even those not blood related. We’ve now solved the population explosion problem. I do approve, however, of the Lord’s law that says to stand up and show respect for gray hair.

There is no cogent reason we all cannot experience the warmth of marriage.

Don M. Foster lives in Grass Valley.

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