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Other Voices: Life’s ups and downs in this county

I have been fortunate to have lived in Nevada County since August, 2002. During my stay in Nevada County I have met wonderful people and made life-long friends. I love the peace and tranquility that I find here.

Unfortunately there is a down side to living in Nevada County. In December, 2002, my workshop/storage area was broken into. The thieves stole tools and other miscellaneous things, along with a stereo from a car I was renovating for my daughter. In the process the thieves also destroyed the paint job on the car.

In December, 2004 thieves broke into my home and stole my 4-wheel motorcycle from the garage attached to my home. Two months later thieves again broke into my home and stole my remaining tools along with my offroad motorcycle and my son’s offroad motorcycle.

In February, 2005, thieves again violated my life by removing my 28-foot travel trailer. In an effort to preserve my remaining few possessions, I installed a gate along with an automatic gate opener. Over the weekend of Oct. 21 this year, thieves helped themselves to my gate opener and the controller for the opener.

The most frustrating part of these robberies is in part the financial impact to me and my family, but more than this it is the emotional impact. After the last robbery I decided that I was going to sell my home and move somewhere else in this county. My reasoning is that the frequent burglaries probably mean that someone is fully aware of my comings and goings which makes my property an easy target for people that believe that taking other people’s hard earned property is their right. When selling a property that has experienced this high level of crime, one has to disclose the robberies to the prospective buyers. This will undoubtedly mean a drastic reduction of my sales price.

The other aspect of these criminal acts is more intangible. My son and I had spent many years taking motorcycle trips in the travel trailer that was stolen. Our children spent many vacations in that trailer, creating memories, re-establishing relationships that sometimes get lost in today’s busy life. While we were fortunate enough to have these experiences, a person or persons stole future experiences from my family and I. The thought that our trailer is probably some methamphetamine lab somewhere in these hills sickens me.

Included in the items stolen were woodworking hand tools passed down from my grandfather’s grandfather to me. How can these ever be replaced? What use could they possible serve to these criminals?

All of these incidents have been reported to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department and to date not one item has been found. Nor has there been one follow-up call from the sheriff’s department. I understand that the sheriff’s department is busy doing whatever they do, however, I think this is an highly unusual sequence of robberies, something that, given enough attention, could lead to the arrest of at least one of the criminals in this area. I read the police blotter daily, and am amazed at the increase in petty crime reported in the blotter.

My point to this note is to ask the responsible citizens of this truly wonderful place to take ownership. When you see vandals, report it, when you see graffiti let’s clean it up, when you see suspicious behavior in your neighborhood, report it. When you are offered goods at a ridiculous price, be suspicious. Help the police department and the judicial system understand that this county will not tolerate this type of behavior. Since the sheriff, district attorneys and judges are elected officials, help them understand that the lenient attitude they portray to this type of behavior is unacceptable.


Sandy Knight lives in Grass Valley.

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