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Other Voices: Keep unique Foothill Theatre alive

As a former full-time employee and current Affiliate Artist with the Foothill Theatre Company, now working several states away from beautiful Nevada County, I have been watching the community response to FTC’s crisis with deep interest and concern.

I encourage anyone who has not already done so to seek out the previous letters written by Reinette Senum and Pamela Hodges, who managed to say everything that is bursting out of my (and I suspect others’) hearts.

Thank you, ladies, for adding your eloquent, heartfelt pleas to the cause.

I am fortunate enough to be making my living (however meager) in the theater arts, and I doubt this would be the case had I not had the opportunity to hone my skills in the fertile incubator of FTC. A nationally-recognized theater in a town the size of Nevada City is incredibly rare.

I was reflecting recently that the first time I ever set foot in Nevada City (having grown up a mere hour away in Sacramento) was with my grandparents as a small child. They brought me and my brother to town for Victorian Christmas and, primarily, to see a play at an historic venue called the Miners Foundry, presented by FTC.

Funny, I didn’t remember that initially until I was standing in the parking lot in back of the foundry several years ago, where I experienced one of those off-flashes or memory, unfolding from hidden recesses from time to time.

My partner and I (whom I met through FTC) now make our home on the East Coast and we are freelance actors working across the nation, but a huge chunk of my “family” still remains in Nevada County, working tirelessly to keep this rare jewel alive.

I have seen entire families of children grow up on that stage, becoming incredibly gifted and giving members of the community. I have seen this town brought to life and nationally recognized by works created by FTC, specifically tied to this beautiful and historically-rich area. I have seen the generous spirit of Nevada County residents surface to support those in need, time and time again.

Please don’t let this be the exception.

Karyn Casl lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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