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Other Voices: How a life is derailed by addiction

Can you pinpoint the moment when your life was somehow derailed, without placing blame, just zero in on the moment you felt it go down? For some it may be hard; for me it is a billboard sign. From that point, I have been an addict of all kinds. My whole personality and anything I got into was an addiction.

I had plans to join the Navy. I took my military aptitude test in high school. I scored high enough that they thought I might have cheated. They split the test into three sections: I took one part in Grass Valley, one in Marysville and one in Sacramento. By the time I got home they had the scores ready for me; I had scored one point higher than previously. I was offered just about any schooling I wanted after basic training. Within days of leaving for basic training, I received word that there was a problem. Medical records showed that I had asthma as a child. All of a sudden I wasn’t going into the Navy. I had no other plans. I met some people soon after that who had plans for me. I’ve run with that rough crowd for almost 20 years.

A little over a year ago, I made the decision to try and fix what I had thoroughly messed up. I quit using and moved out of town and out of state. I was doing well. I was clean and sober and even had a good paying job.

Nevada County had other plans for me. Charges were filed after I left and they brought me home to where I grew up.

I’m getting to the end of a one year sentence. I will be starting at zero. I don’t even have any clothes to wear when I get out. I have two lovely ex-wives and four beautiful children who I have put through hell for the past 18 years.

I just wish to make a public apology to them and to my father, who I think is willing to hold my hand once again. I am 39. I feel like I’m starting over with a major handicap. I pray for the journey. God be with us all.


D.G. Worden is an inmate at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

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