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Other Voices: ‘Good ‘ol boys’ network alive and well

Not personally being a resident of the “City” of Grass Valley, maybe I shouldn’t “give a fig,” but because I’m a resident of Nevada County, and as “Grass Valley goes,” so “goes Nevada County,” I feel compelled to speak out about the GOB situation around here. In other words, I do “give a fig.”

In case you don’t know, GOB is the acronym for “good ‘ol boys.” “GOB’s” are usually a fairly large group of people, that some in the “corporate world” call “yes men” (Excuse ME) “yes persons,” sort of. Sometime, somewhere, someone started something they thought was just wonderful and convinced several of their “friends,” and/or relatives, that it was wonderful for them too. If this group of people were questioned by some “outsider” about their wonderful “project” they we chased off (sometimes in the past – forcefully, and to coin a phrase, “tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail”). In today’s world you just get fired or ask to resign.

Mr. Terry Lamphier, in his column of Saturday, Sept. 17, 2005, said: “One last thing … please get involved.” OK…. here I am, getting involved, but maybe I shouldn’t because of possible repercussions, …. I just don’t know ………. we’ll see.

I feel (and I’m sure that may others in Nevada County do too) that his dismissal was totally uncalled for. Because he had the nerve to stand up to the GOB’s and speak his mind, and I feel rightfully so, about how they were just running around creating “good feelings” about proposed projects that have about as much business being up here in Nevada County as a wolf does being in a hen house. So, he was fired on a couple of small technicalities or infractions. Big deal. I may not agree with everything that Mr. Lamphier believes, but I do believe that this action was wrong. Period.

This sounds just like the city employee that was hired by the city of Grass Valley, Absolutely loved by almost all of “new employee’s” fellow workers and supervisors, except for one. The “other new employee,” which turned out to be the boss of the city’s “new employee” for the city of Grass Valley. When the new boss (“other new employee”) found out that their “friend” didn’t get the other position, they went on a “witch hunt” to find “just cause” for getting this “new employee” removed from the job so that the “other new employee’s” “friend” could get it. In order to accomplish this, they had to go back over thirty years (30 years!) into the “new employees” passed records, and claim that the “new employee” made untrue statements (which they really did, but not knowingly so) on their application. Can you say that you remember everything that you did 30 years ago? They were ask to “resign” rather than have the damaging disgrace of getting “fired,” which would place their future employments in jeopardy. So the “new employee” is gone, though unjustly so, and the “friend” got the job. By the way, the “friend” is not as well liked by the fellow workers and supervisors and not as qualified as the resigned “new employee.” Oh, and I’m betting that everyone in the city of Grass Valley will deny any or all of this. I think I’ve got my facts straight, but hey, …. this happened over 90 days ago, so I’m not real sure.

I feel that until the people of Nevada County can “think outside of the (voting) box” of: “my grandfather (or grandmother) was a Republican (or Democrat), my daddy (and/or mother) was a Republican (or Democrat), and if it was good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me.” I think that we are all (not just in Nevada County) in big Trouble. Vote for who you think is best for the job, not what “party” he/she does or does not belong to.

I could go on, and on, and on about the other things about Grass Valley/Nevada County that are just sooooooooooo ridiculous, and I do have a word limit imposed, so … ‘nuf said.

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