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Other Voices: ‘Follow the money’ in health care

Everyone is concerned about the health care system. We all know that there is a definite crisis going on. The problem is, what to do about it. Michael Moore’s recent movie “SiCKO” demonstrated the problems with the insurance industry.

That is only a part of the problem. In order to fix something, one must understand the cause. There is a giant elephant in the room, which no one has addressed. Let’s look at the reality of the situation. A simple way to find the cause of the problem is an old adage “follow the money.” Let’s look at the truth. We do not have a health care system; rather we have a disease care system.

No one makes money on health and everyone makes money on disease. Do you believe that the oil companies want a simple, natural answer out of the energy situation? Well, what do you think that the Medical Industrial Complex wants? To understand how we came to have today’s medical system, we have to examine the history of how we got here.

The medical system started back in 1910, when John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie got together and decided where to put their money for further medical research. It was decided that money should go into pharmaceutical medicine. At that time, more than 40 percent of the medical schools in the United States were homeopathic in nature. By 1947 the final homeopathic medical school lost its charter and became a traditional Allopathic medical school.

Now there are 96 medical schools in the United States that teach one philosophy only. For the past 100 years that philosophy has dominated our lives. I am a scientist and when I look back at the results of the 100 years, traditional allopathic medicine has not found a cause of one chronic disease, nor have they found a cure of one chronic disease.

I am not talking about crisis medicine or infectious diseases but chronic diseases. The concept of traditional allopathic medicine means to stop the pathology. “Allos” means Greek for opposite. In other words, if someone has a fever bring it down, or diarrhea, stop it up, etc.

All other health care philosophies throughout history and from around the world think differently. Concepts such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic and naturopathic treat the body as if it has an intelligence, and things such as fever and diarrhea are the body’s way of cleaning out noxious agents. Here’s the elephant in the room: Everyone is talking about continuing to sponsor a system that is a total failure.

Wake up folks! We have been brainwashed by the system over the years. The arrogance of the pharmaceutical system is to sell you drugs on television and tell you go to your doctor and tell both of them that this is what you want. They minimize such things as “side effects,” because they are really “direct effects” and have to happen.

It only has been in the past 100 years that humans have taken foreign chemicals into the body. Does anyone wonder why we have many young people that are weighing more than 200, 300 and even 400 pounds? I believe that we are the most chemically poisoned society in history.

I would like to propose a health care system that no one has yet talked about. First of all, we all need crisis care such as hospitalization. Only Bill Gates can truly afford hospitalization. Inpatient care should be universally covered, based somewhat on our tax bracket. Frankly, most people can’t even afford one day in a hospital.

Outpatient care is another story. Why do we pay for routine checkups by a practitioner system that has failed? I also do not want to pay for someone who weighs 400 pounds and eats junk food all day. I believe that each individual should be responsible for his or her own health care.

Why doesn’t the system pay for a hair analysis done by a naturopathic physician, for example? I am not saying one is better than the other, but let’s have some honest competition. Maybe people just need to change their diet instead of getting colonoscopies or mammograms as a “prevention.” Our “democratic” and “capitalistic” systems supposedly encourage competition.

How come our “health care” system does not have competition? Remember, they had control for 100 years and the only time they use the word cure is at the end of the sentence such as; we are searching for … Enough is enough. Let’s truly have freedom of choice.


Harvey Bigelsen M. D. lives in Nevada City.

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