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Other Voices: Don’t lump our ‘village’ in that category

My name is Victor Anderson and I’m a renter at Ponderosa Mobile Home Park located here in Grass Valley.

In a recent column, the editor grouped all mobile home parks together, which I feel is a mistake.

He wrote, “The land is owned by investors who typically don’t live here and seem to care less about the folks who do.”

All of our investors (share holders) do live here and do care about all the people and the property.

On rent increases, he wrote: “Five years (rents) have increased 25 percent or so.”

Our rent in the last 15 years has only increased about 14 percent. When my wife and I moved here in 1997, the rent was $423. We now pay $483. The park also pays for our sewer, water, and selected channels on Dish TV, which are voted on by all of the residents.

He wrote, “Every once in awhile they (park owners) get to take someone’s home because the owner can’t sell, or pay the escalating rents.” “Imagine how frightening it is for an 85-year old woman to be told she must pay now or lose her home.”

That never has happened here.

He wrote: “Mobile home park owners seem to know how to use fear to their advantage.”

Our ‘owners’ shareholders, do not use or threaten to use “fear” to solve problems, they instead make every effort to resolve it.

Let it be known that the shareholders formed a nonprofit corporation not a for-profit corporation.

All of our residents, renters and shareholders alike, have always rallied and come to the aid of anyone who is sick, looses a family member, has a fire, suffers an accident, etc. We all know our neighbors. This is why we look at ourselves as a village, not as a mobile home park.

Some other things about our village:

We have ongoing activities and available facilities in our village every day of the week, such as: canasta (both regular and tournament), pinochle, poker, bridge, quilting, exercise classes, coffee socials, monthly dinners, other events (October will feature an art demonstration), Chat and Chew Club, Red Hats, book club, Bible study, putting green, shuffleboard, horseshoes, swimming pool, spa, billiards, ping pong and library. I’m sure I missed some.

Our residents support the child advocates year round.

The park buys and delivers a Christmas dinner to our local firefighters every year.

All of our neighbors watch their neighbors homes at all times and we belong to the Neighborhood Watch Program.

I sincerely hope that I have opened up your eyes to the fact not all mobile home parks are the same.

Please come and drive through our village (15 mph speed limit, please) and see for yourself how well kept up it is. Talk to some of our residents and hear what they have to say about our village. Take a look at our clubhouse, pool, putting green, shuffleboard court, spa, billiards room, etc. You will be enlightened.

We would like to inform people that we are a unique mobile home park that is a really great place to live and own a home.

I hope that I have succeeded in doing this.

(Victor Anderson lives in Grass Valley.)

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