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Other Voices: Commentaries reflect sharp division within our society

The “Other Voices” opinions by Connie Stevens and Sue Jeffrey demonstrated vividly the sharp divisions in mindsets so prevalent in our country today.

One writer offered a reasoned opinion based on facts and showed a willingness to trust our president to conduct the business of our country in a fair and impartial manner, believing that he holds the best interests of our country foremost in his mind as he works. As children, weren’t we all taught to honor, trust and respect the person who was elected to protect and serve us, even if we disagreed with him?

Short of being a fly on the wall in his office, who among us can truly claim to know why decisions are made and for what reasons? Ms. Stevens clearly understands what the true meaning of being an American entails, and I thank her for stating it so eloquently.

Ms. Jeffrey, on the other hand, echoes the “Chicken Little” school of Americans who have decided that they are “scared to death for our country” simply because President Obama has decided to run this country in a more equitable and balanced manner than his predecessor. As is typical of these Americans, she shares no evidence to support her fear of the alleged socialist agenda, nor has she endeavored to educate herself with facts regarding President Obama or she would know that the furor over his country of birth and academic records was settled months ago.

Ms. Jeffrey must not have relatives or friends who have ever been down on their luck or been denied health care, or perhaps she is wealthy and benevolent enough to assist them herself, which is commendable.

However, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that if someone coughed on you while you’re in line at Wal-Mart, they wouldn’t be infecting you or your loved ones with some deadly virus because there would be no reason that they couldn’t be treated for their illness?

There but for fortune go you and I, Ms. Jeffrey, and it’s quite embarrassing to know that the greatest country in the world’s health care system is rated just above a Third World country’s system.

To answer Ms. Jeffrey’s question regarding why President Obama went around the world “apologizing,” it’s important to remember that as the most powerful nation on earth, America has a responsibility to communicate with every other nation, large or small, and whether or not we agree with their political and humanitarian policies. Our former president, uncomfortable and uninterested in different cultures, chose not to engage in this important duty, thus offending some nations. President Obama didn’t apologize to every nation he visited, but he made an effort to re-establish relations with those countries.

Sometimes, a small gesture of goodwill can make a big difference when you need some- one to watch your back in a sticky situation. That’s what was up with that, Ms. Jeffrey. It’s what world leaders are supposed to do.

It’s amusing to me that Ms. Jeffrey would compare President Obama to Jim Jones and his brand of Kool-Aid when her rhetoric is almost verbatim from the Tea Party Patriot/Rush Limbaugh Lemonade pitcher. My own mother drinks from it as well, and doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that Rush, Bill and Sean aren’t journalists, but quasi-entertainers whose employment depends upon how successfully they “entertain” the masses.

Obviously, the more inflammatory they can be, the more they get paid and the more job security they have.

They don’t care about facts or whose lives they destroy, as long as someone is willing to pay them a seven-figure salary. They are morally bankrupt opportunists and hugely responsible for the divisions in our country.

Caryn Marshall Wilder lives in Nevada City.

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