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Other Voices: Change begins in election process

Would you believe it? We have just seen a historic primary election pass. Regardless of who wins in November, there is one thing for certain and that is slated to be in a dramatic and critical change.

It was a long primary with moments of a whole lot of bitterness on both sides. This past primary campaign has shown a whole lot of the skills, professionally in political policies. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both shown that they are skilled orators.

There is a profiting importance in knowing people not as they wish to appear, but as they are, during all of this time of economic discomfort all the people of this great nation of ours have been looking for some strong leadership and action to alleviate the same.

Everyone at this time seems to be talking about inflation, and it is quite certain that there is certainly nothing being done about it. Maybe for now it is being called inflation, but do be aware when we all become separated from our jobs it is then that, it becomes a depression. For certain, we all hope that before too long, our representatives in that snake pit of Washington, D.C. will start to work towards resolving the many problems that are confronting our great America on this day.

What a blessing it would be if they would put an end to the wholesale and retail pricing of policies racket.

Speaking of blessings, wouldn’t it be a dandy if our Lord would endow some man or woman out in the fringe area with the mental power and vision to come forth with a new source of energy – one that would set the gasoline engine right alongside the “whole oil lamp” which now can be found on some shelf in a museum as a grim reminder of a “crisis.”

And, while they are at it, perhaps they could do something about my “notch” money, that has been long, long time coming.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What has become of the American Dream?” – I have, many times. It is now that I wonder that, perhaps, it is meant to be for just a chosen few.

Please do not forget and, always remember that, if by chance all of you would like to see a change in this great country of ours, America, it starts with the election process.

Albert Paul Pratti lives in Downieville.

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