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Other Voices: America, I weep for you

The private economy produces everything we own. Government produces nothing. It takes from the producers and gives to the non-workers. It used to be called welfare.

Arizona is a mirror of our national problems. Ten percent of the land is privately owned. Ninety percent is government owned, or controlled by Indian tribes. The 10 percent contributes to the economy and 90 percent consumes from our economy. Outside money makes up the difference.

Governments were meant to support private industry. Today, governments are destroying private industry and it is necessary to borrow vast sums of money to pay for our gigantic welfare system.

We have two trillion in debt coming due this year. That means we have to borrow two trillion to pay this back, plus another trillion to finance additional deficit spending.

Our federal, state, county and city governments are in financial trouble. Schools have money problems. Social Security, Medicare, FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and many other organizations are in trouble.

Government and other pension plans are underfunded. It would take many trillions of dollars to make these organizations solvent.

The stimulus bill created a few jobs, saved a few jobs and created some temporary jobs. It did practically nothing for the private sector. Billions were wasted.

Last year, more than 100 banks closed and more than 100 are expected to close this year.

The FDIC is constructing a seven story office in Chicago, which will house 5,000 employees. Some will be paid over $200,000 a year. Obama is not solving our unemployment problem.

People have lost confidence in our governments because of the lies, the half-truths and the misleading statements. The liberal media has been guilty of this for years and now governments are doing it. Recent developments have exposed the lies put out by the global warming advocates. Unemployment statistics omit millions of unemployed. The difference in pre-election promises and post-election speeches and actions by Obama and the liberal Congress is astounding.

When Social Security was initiated, life expectancy was 58 for men and 62 for women. Benefits started at age 65, which meant many would pay in, but would not live to collect a pension. Dead people can’t complain. Many changes have been made. Our excellent health care lengthened lives. Age requirements were lowered. The pension amounts are up dramatically. The plan has been in financial trouble and taxes have been raised a number of times. Originally, 35 workers supported one retiree. Today, two workers support one pensioner. With future expected increases in participants, the system will require drastic benefit cuts to remain solvent.

Obama’s health care will provide government employment and aid in solving Social Security and Medicare. It will require an immense government bureaucracy to manage this plan. Many offices with the latest equipment and vehicles, thousands of employees and many computers to keep medical, income and bank records on every person in the United States will be needed. It will take two years to put this monstrosity in place. Taxes start immediately, but benefits will be delayed two years. Taxes will be increased in future years. Adding 31 million people to this system means waiting lines for medical help and denying service to many people. Many will die. This will reduce the number of people drawing Social Security and Medicare.

It is against the Constitu-tion for the Federal Govern- ment to enact a health care bill.

It is easy to blame our problems on politicians, but politicians do not elect themselves. Someone voted for them. Actually what many politicians did was exactly what the voters wanted. Maybe some voters need to change for whom they vote.

Today, the liberal media has competition. First came talk radio. This was followed by the Fox News Channel. The latest edition has been the Tea Party movement.

Voters are getting the message. Recent elections are positive. The November elections may return Congress to the Republicans. This will make Obama a lame- duck president.

The Democratic Party has morphed into the Liberal Party. It is starting to morph into the Socialist Party. Every Democrat should examine their ideas to verify if they really approve of electing Socialist candidates.

The Republican Party started to embrace Liberalism. Today, Republicans are embracing Conservatism. Republicans on the national and state levels are fighting for their survival.

History has demonstrated many times that the only solution out of this morass is to cut taxes and to cut spending drastically.

The worst is yet to come. America is being destroyed from within. America, I weep for you.

Thomas Crosswhite lives in Grass Valley.

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