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Other Voices: Administration betrays veterans with port deal

Nathan Hale was executed for treason. Benedict Arnold was convicted of treason. The Rosenbergs were executed for treason. What about the people who want to, in effect, give away our major seaports? If that isn’t treason, I don’t know the meaning of the word. Let’s not get into semantics here; the only proper word for it is .

I, along with a horde of other veterans, went to war for this country. Many gave their very lives for it, while many others were permanently disabled. None will ever completely forget the horrors of war. Consequently, our country has not been defeated. So now our leaders want to simply give it away! Do not try to rationalize it; what it amounts to is plainly giving our country away. Right thinking citizens everywhere must be (or should be) horrified.

George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln. Theodore Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Harry Truman. John F. Kennedy. All of them must be turning over in their graves. If they were able to speak, they would certainly be asking, “Why in the world did we even try?”

Our country is already being given away bit by bit by our illustrious administration. Natural resources. Federal wilderness. Oil lands. All in the name of greed. This evidently hasn’t done enough damage, so now they want to give away our ports. Never mind the word “lease;” they are, in effect, giving them away. Every radical group, every terrorist, every fanatic must have licked their chops at this startling news.

Where will it all end? Hopefully (don’t hold your breath) it will end when this entire administration, from top to bottom, is thrown out of office. No, I do not advocate revolution, and I most assuredly do not advocate violence. What I do advocate is a letter-writing campaign. Every person of voting age with a conscience should sit down and write every representative one can think of. Let them know in no uncertain terms that enough is far too much.

If there is anything a politician fears, it is when irate voters send floods of disapproving mail. This means his career is over unless he reverses course. Don’t nod your heads in agreement and then do nothing; write, write, write! If the present regime won’t do anything, then let’s do it ourselves.

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