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Other Voices: Addiction to meth is serious

Many, if not everybody, deals with meth at one point in their lives, whether it is directly or it is just in their environment. Lots of kids get into drugs like meth for lots of reasons whether it was peer pressure from friends and family or something as stupid as “ough, I was just bored one day.” In most cases it’s not really relevant how they got started because it’s not going to change the fact they are still addicted.

Some people can try it just once and it won’t affect them while others are addicted instantly. Once you’re addicted to a drug like meth it’s not like ‘I’m going to quit tomorrow” kind of thing because addiction is a very serious thing.

When you are addicted to something like meth it changes you as a person and you start making the wrong decisions. Those bad choices don’t just effect you, they effect your family, friends, even your environment. They also affect the taxpayers whose money pays to clean up drug users mistakes.

The bottom line is drugs like meth can kill you, tear up families and relationships, and destroy their world. So I wonder why so many people gamble the chances of that everyday when they use meth. They gamble with their lives every time they touch it.

The thing that bugs me most is that most of the time they don’t think about how it affects everyone else. I think that is a big reason why I joined UNZIP, also known as the Nevada County Meth Action Team. This program has been going on about a year to help spread the word and try to stop the use of meth in Nevada County.

The Nevada County Meth Actions team is a youth based program through Friday Night Live, Nevada County Behavioral Health and the California State Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. We are mostly youth just trying to make Nevada County a safer place for us and our families.

If you would like to know more about us, please take a look at our websites at http://www.myspace.com/ncmeth or http://www.unzipfnl.com.

Stephanie Coffin, 16, is a member of the Nevada County Meth Action Team.

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