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Other Voices: A tribute to Nevada County’s fallen United States Marines

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword for they are men of honor,

they stand on a wall to guard us all and will always choose death before dishonor

Marine Lance Corporal Adam Strain and Marine Lance Corporal John Lucente have now gone before,

gave their lives in a foreign land taking part in war

And the blood and tears they shed during the course of what they were fighting for,

was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

On the day of their funerals, Marines in dress uniform stood tall and strong,

honoring the fallen who so graciously fought for this country whether right or wrong

Whose broad stripes and bright stars draping a casket serve as a reminder that freedom isn’t free,

and it goes without saying, and make no mistake about it, that these two Marines died for you and me

The 21 gun salute fires and “Taps” is played and ceremonial salutes are rendered,

remembering how they fought to their death and never surrendered

And a ceremonial folding of the American flag was executed with utmost precision and care,

with on looking Marines taking note that the death of their fellow comrade is anything but fair

Dedicated to the principals, which make our country free is a way of life they willingly chose,

therefore they will forever remain in my mind as nothing less than absolute true heroes

For the land of the free because of our brave young men standing a post with a loaded gun,

and taking pursuit to the cowards that run

And men like them whether fallen or standing deserve nothing less than our full respect and support,

as they take a stand between us and this nation’s enemies and should not be put through a day in court

It’s without debate that they are better than anyone of us as God takes the best ones first,

which is to say nothing of the fact that their least actions in combat should be appreciated and not cursed

And it’s with the deepest regret that they didn’t live to fight another day,

so in their memory and for their loved ones we should take some time today to pray

And hands down they are the reason for each and every one of our daily routines,

so take note that two young men came back home to us as honorably fallen United States Marines


Cpl. Vincent Jakobs, United States Marine Corps reserve, has volunteered for duty in Iraq. He will arrive in Iraq sometime in August.

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