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Other Voices: A hero helps with the loss of a friend

Sometimes, you get to be saved by a hero: Someone who gathers you in and protects you, who takes you by the hand and leads you and your family through a painful, dark time.

Our hero came in the form of an angel named Dr. Mimi Vishoot.

A dog: You know, that creature that can make you laugh, bring joy, be your constant companion and protect you constantly while giving you unconditional love? That dog you spend a lifetime waiting for?

Well we had her! Our Kyla was that dog, but her time with us was going to be cut short.

Our gal seemed fine, but a routine blood test revealed kidney failure. After a week of hospitalization at Loomis Vet Hospital her condition did not improve. We knew we would have to euthanize our beloved Kyla within days of bringing her home, but the “when” was a door we simply couldn’t look through.

To make an untenable situation worse, it was a holiday weekend. Our local vet, Dr. Mimi Vishoot would close her office for three days. We needed help. When we called Dr. Vishoot’s office for advice, we didn’t expect to be saved, but save us she did.

She was not on-call that long, agonizing holiday weekend, but she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” Words you can only hope to hear. Over the next few days, she called repeatedly, giving us guidance and sympathy; soothing us.

When the time came, Mimi came to our home early in the morning and we were able

to hold our Kyla in our arms and say our last goodbye.

Dr. Vishoot did for us what seemed impossible. She made those unbearable days, hours and minutes bearable. It was, after all, supposed to be a carefree holiday weekend for Dr. Vishoot.

This was not the first time Dr. Vishoot had expertly guided us through difficult times. But this time, along with professional expertise, she guided with her heart.

Words can not express our gratitude to Dr. Vishoot for making it possible for Kyla to remain in her home to the last second. Free from fear, surrounded by familiar smells and sounds lying comfortably in the arms of her family. From the depth of our hearts we, thank the entire Penn Valley Veterinary Center staff who made this most difficult journey with us. You, Dr. Vishoot, are our own live angel hero.


Dolores Miele lives in Nevada City .

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