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Other Voices: 2 cents on Calanan Park

Regarding The Union’s Jan. 27 story about what to do with a broken Calanan Park, allow me to put in my two cents.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” And I don’t think it’s broken!

The late Lt. Col. Bill Lambert, a registered forester, predicted the death of the white fir some 40 years ago. There must be something in the soil keeping the tree alive.

My modest proposal is to outsource maintenance on the park and/or pave it over since it is such a liability with all that junk mining machinery and dying trees and shrubbery that could conceal any number of bad guys, and even pot smokers.

I have spent many years disagreeing with Steve Cottrell, and his letter regarding the redwood tree continues the game.

The sequoia sempervirens is not a native Sierra Nevada conifer, whereas the white fir is. If the dying white fir with the split top is so unsightly and objectionable, then, by all means, kill the damn thing and replace it with a something eye-pleasing. Why not paint a mural on the side of the old Alpha Building facing the park?

If the Nevada City Police Department says the crime in the park (albeit drunk and disorderly) is declining, then why bother clearcutting the only really green spot in downtown Nevada City?

As Nevada City’s Historic Preservation Officer (a seemingly honorary title), without portfolio, I must strongly object to tampering with what is not an eyesore, but a welcome assortment of history, vegetation and a cluttered representation of what would be encountered in everyday Nevada City life 100-plus years ago.

It seems to me that to make Calanan Park “eye-appealing” by bringing it up to 2010 park standards is counterproductive to what the city thrives on – the tourist trade.

Visitors come to see the town the way it was in the 19th century. The League of California Cities has singled out Nevada City as a sterling example of a 19th century gold mining town maintained in its nearly original condition!

Let’s keep it that way and forget “modernizing” and otherwise ruining what is a “nice little spot of green in a vast wasteland of brick and mortar.”

Robert M. “Bob” Wyckoff lives in Nevada City.

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