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Opinion based on assumptions

This is in response to your opinion regarding the NID pipeline published on March 25.

Your support of NID’s position is disappointing, but that is your privilege.

However, the manner in which you tried to convince the reader about the merits of your opinion is not credible, in that, you used faulty assumptions and unproven notions to make your case. Here are examples of what is so upsetting:

1. You infer that a pipeline project along Idaho-Maryland would cost more than one through private property, which by design is longer, and requires maneuvering equipment and material along narrow limited access areas. And what about the tremendous cost of the easements and restoration work? NID has NOT stated which approach is more costly. How is it you seem to know?

2. You then ask “Who will pay … ? … Everyone who lives in NID’s taxing district.” Baloney! The reality is, NID has the money in the bank. The people won’t suffer a tax increase or rate increase because NID will charge new customers more to obtain service. Their hookup charge has grown to $3,100 from about $1,200 in the past 20 years – an average of 4.5 percent per year.

3. Every NID pump station has access to backup generators. They keep the pumps running during outages.

4. Water pumping water could be avoided if NID would take advantage of Micro Tunneling technology and install a pipeline that does not go uphill. And they won’t have to tear up the land, remove trees, and render some potential homesites unusable. Isn’t that better for the environment?

5. The vast majority of people potentially affected by the pipeline accept its planned implementation, however, you tried to have readers believe they are bent on stopping the project.

6. Lastly, you write “Let none of us think we have a pain-free, cost-free answer” – to which I ask that it would help greatly if you reviewed your position; then perhaps, you might find that you can be more sympathetic toward the several hundred citizens who would be affected.

Jerry Sakai

Nevada City

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