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On the media, men, women

Through media we are told that women suffer from PMS, PPD, bipolar and a host of other mental disorders which seem to impair their ability to make sound judgments. As seen, the husband of Yates bears as much responsibility as the mother herself, yet the mother killed the children. Under that assumption, it would seem that women must be handled properly by men seeing that the man is being held liable for the woman’s behavior. Hmmm. In other words woman now must submit to the man’s desires even if those desires might be to put the woman in lockup or on drugs for her own good.

To carry it further … if all women who commit crime and murder suffer from PMS or PPD, might it not be worthwhile to examine the legitimacy of letting women vote or hold office seeing that all women lose their minds during peak flows or childbirth? Can society be led by a gender that seems to embrace mental disorders for every human failing they might experience in life?

Even further into the insanity … . If it has been deemed that men are liable for the women’s action and that without a man 70 percent of women will live in poverty, then why not allow polygamists to care for these imbalanced females? If society is to embrace same-sex marriages, or even better, domestic partners where if one might be having sex with a parent, that parent gets medical benefits and other benefit like … oh what maybe a husband or wife might receive, then why not let men take as many women as they choose, providing insurance and benefit to let’s say … hundreds of wives who are married to a government employee who could share those benefits with all his mentally imbalanced wives. They all could get free Prozac, and he definitely could use his government-issued Viagra.

“Men will become lovers of themselves, society will be ruled by women, wars and rumor of wars, men looking at the sea in wonderment, plagues which will wipe away the most vile, earthquakes and a tempest Earth” … just pray for them … it’s in the cards.

Mike Harris

Penn Valley

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